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Introducing EPBN, The ultimate cost effective PBN link solution

Hi guys, this has been a long time coming but due to other ventures, official release of was postponed until now! I have personally been testing the advantages and ranking improvements using this system and all I can say is it WORKS. You can use EPBN's link sources for tier 1 links or for whatever needs you require! The system will be improved as time goes by, with customer feedback, this is the first revision of this system.

EPBN is a PBN public link sharing source ecosystem and also a private blog network manager (if you so choose to use this aspect of the system) You can set up and forget PBN campaigns to either the public listed domains within our pool or even your own private network domains, managing domains is key, EPBN is a cost effective way of obtaining high quality link sources to diversify your back link profile as well as strengthening your money sites, for just $50 per month, you're able to post to 25 domains each month, that's 25 PBN posts equaling to $2 per PBN post, think of the ranking power potential for a such a small investment, this should be your one stop PBN shop.

The current CMS platform is Wordpress self hosted sites, best of all, it doesn't require a WP Plugin on the site which means it keeps footprints to the minimum.

EPBN was made for SEOs in mind, that being said, there is a learning curve to how the system works and how you set up your campaigns but it's very easy to learn and will be improved on as time goes by.

I am offering a 10% recurring discount for a limited time only so make sure you get a subscription before it ends. I am always happy to answer any questions so feel free to post one in this thread or PM directly.


  • Tim89Tim89
    A free plan has been added for the community to make use of and use the system. There are no ties, it's free of charge.
  • Tim89Tim89
    If you don't have a big budget and you want PBN links, ExpressPBN is your answer, We now have a $1 plan to get you started so you get 15 PBN links each month for $1, you do require 5 of your own domains to share within the system but that is all! so 5 domains and $1 gets you 15 recurring PBN links each month.
  • Tim89Tim89
    I will be introducing a Web 2.0 feature soon enough, making EPBN, your one-stop-shop for your back link needs! PM me with any specific Web 2.0s you would like to see in the system.
  • Tim89Tim89
    This is a great opportunity to broaden your PBN reach with what you already have, for $1 you'll be able to get 15 PBN links per month by sharing only 5 of your own! Plus you can use EPBN to manage/post or setup automated campaigns to your "Private" PBNs with no server side/wordpress plugin required.

    Give it a go!
  • Tim89Tim89
    New users are still welcome at the $1 introductory price!

    Register and sign up now!
  • Is this service still active ?

  • Tim89Tim89
    @lucawalkley yes, it is still active. More sites are being added currently, can be used as a PBN platform or even to manage your own private network with automated/scheduled posting features.
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