Posting Old And Young Ages on Profiles

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So I had a few issues where it would show the age of people as 11 years old up to 83 years old. I was told this is the string to look for

You have to change the token.
%random-18-40% will only put in ages from 18 to 40.

so it already show this in the script but still spewing people born in 1930! How can I change this please!!


  • OzzOzz
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    Of what engine or backlink type (birth date in a forum/wiki profile or the "about me" text) do you speak of?
  • This was on profiles for videos (clipshare) and for social network sites
  • I just take a look into the clipshare script. To register it uses random option as "birth year" is a drop down menu you have to choose your birth year from.
    I fear that there is nothing you can do to avoid that if you don't want to change the default script. Only chance is to take a look into clipshare-registration-page and find the values for each birth year in the html-code. 

    The value for that should be like "value=1965", "value=1966",....
    If you know the values than open "clipshare.ini" and change
    year=%random_option% to

  • Ok thank you
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