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Public Proxies vs. Private Proxies

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Can someone please help me to understand the differences between public and private proxies? 

I know that private are obviously faster and more reliable, but I see people saying that they only use 10 private proxies so it has me wondering whether or not that leaves some sort of footprint since you are submitting thousands of links with the same 10 ip addresses, compared to always changing through random public proxies.


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    the public proxies will just slow you down. so its advisable to buy private proxies ;)
  • yes I said in the OP that I realize private proxies are faster than public, what about the other things I mentioned though?
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    Don't worry though about the IP addresses get noticed. Everybody is doing the same and we didn't notice any problems. Just be sure to use a proxy provider who replace your proxies every month with new IPs. Also if you can get 20 or 30 semi-private proxies you will get much better results. Yes , semi-private are more than enough. Good luck!
  • No, no footprint. They change every month. It's the only way to do link building seriously. I would say don't over think it just do it :)
  • also there aren't that many platforms which showing your IP in public by default. they are hidden from public and just visible for people with more admin rights at the site.
  • Ok I got 10 private proxies.

    After I enter the 10 proxies into GSA I obviously don't want to use the "Automatically search for new proxies every __ minutes" right?

    Should I keep the "Test proxies" option checked?

    And keep "Automatically disable bad proxies on use" unchecked?
  • "automatically search" can be unchecked
    "automatically disable" should be unchecked to be safe for the case that your proxies are not working for some time. keep an eye on your log when you check on SER and test them when you notice many "download failed" messages

    btw, with publich proxies "automatically disable" should have been turned on.
  • I had "automatically disabled" unchecked because I read a thread where people were saying that your personal IP could leak through if all the proxies happened to get disabled or something like that, and I didn't want that to happen and get my ISP banned.
  • OzzOzz
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    yes, this is true for private proxies where you just have very few of them compared to public proxies. with public proxies you have to make sure that you have many proxies in your list anyway all the time.

    to say it with some other words. it doesn't make sense to try to ride on a dead horse again and again. and public proxies are like a cementary of dead horses ^^

  • @Ozz LOL great analogy
  • So if I'm only using 10 private proxies through my normal internet connection... how can I be sure that I don't get in trouble with my ISP?
  • Because it's what I and many others do. Have faith :)
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    Just make sure "disable bad proxies" is NOT checked
  • Ok, thanks for all the help guys.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Ozz - is that a German expression? Like a cemetary of dead horses... never heard that one before! :-) Made me smile. 
  • no, not that i'm aware of, hehe. it was just something that hopping to my brain as i wrote the reply.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    edited February 2013
    Maybe you used Google translate on the expression "like flogging a dead horse" -  ;-)
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