Looking for a mentor.

Hello, as the title says i'm looking for someone experienced with GSA to help me setting up a campaign to rank multiple youtube videos IF that's even possible nowadays  :)
Price is of course negotiable.


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    Hey @mindeswx

    I'll need more information from you to see if its something i can help you with. shoot me a PM and i'll take a look.

    Otherwise there are a ton of awesome services/products for sale here that you can use to build crazy amounts of backlinks to your videos and get them ranked. 

    I do offer a all-in-one service to maximize your GSA campaigns, which is found here, otherwise feel free to look through the Buyy/Sell/Trade section to see if any of those can help.

    If you have a more detailed and specific question, feel free to open up another thread and im sure someone here will try and at least point you in the right direction. 
  • No need for mentor , am here to help u , free of cost, 

    pm me to get started
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