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purehustlepurehustle - Verified Lists, Private Proxies, Catch-all Emails
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Everything You Need to Run a Successful GSA Campaign.
Proxies, Verified Lists, Catch-all Emails all for one low price
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Verified Lists

✔  24/7 Fresh Verified Lists

✔  Live-sync setup to keep your GSA campaigns up-to-date without you having to touch a thing

✔  Millions of URLS are scraped and parsed daily keeping your lists fresh

✔  Post to hundreds of thousands of sites quickly and easily

✔   Captcha Breaker Only

Build Faster Links - you're supplied with every elite ingredient needed to run successful GSA campaigns. No longer do you have to spend hundreds of dollars and counteless hours setting up complex configurations.

Sorted & Vetted Lists - We thoroughly clean and sort our GSA lists before releasing them to our customers. Only the high quality, reliable, and successful links get to our lists.

Always Scraping For New Links - Our multi-server setup never sleeps. We're going through millions of URLS every single day to get you the best links possible.


Rotating Proxies

Powerful, reliable and fast proxies to post with

Easy, set-and-forget setup

IP rotates every few minutes randomly

Easy, Quick Setup - Simply input a single proxy into GSA and we do the rest. Every few minutes your IP changes from a massive pool of private, dedicated proxies.

Unmetered Bandwith - Push the throttle on your GSA campaigns to maximize your LPM and VPM values

100% Reliable - Our backconnect, rotating proxies are A-grade and are as reliable as they come to ensure you continue posting whenever you want.


Catch-all Emails

Every Month, get 2 Catch-all email accounts to use for an unlimited number of campaigns.

High quality, reliable, custom setup for maximum GSA success.

both email accounts are unique to you

Catchall Setup - Websites have started to lock down their trustworthiness of public domain emails. Maximize your post rate with our catchall emails.

2 Every Month - Every month, you're given 2 manually created and reliable catchall accounts for your own use.

Unique To You - We do not share catchall Emails with our customers. the catchall emails we provide to you are yours and yours only.


Learn More - Just  $75 $60/mo

★ ★24/7 Customer Support ★ ★ Easy Setup ★ ★  Guaranteed Quality




Instant Setup?

No, we thoroughly vet each order to ensure authenticity. Upon verification, your order is manually setup. In most cases, it doesn't take more than an hour or two for setup to complete. However, it can take up to 48 hours in extreme scenarios.

Refund Policy?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any refund policies. All sales are considered final upon payment due to the nature of this service.


For any questions, comments, or concerns, contact our support staff.


Just $60/Mo.
Verified Lists
Rotating Proxies
Catchall Emails

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  • Hi, can i get review copy ? :)
  • purehustlepurehustle - Verified Lists, Private Proxies, Catch-all Emails
    Hi @gabriel88r , We're not offering any review copies at this time unfortunately. I did send you a massive coupon via PM. Hope to have you try us out!
  • purehustlepurehustle - Verified Lists, Private Proxies, Catch-all Emails
    Looking for a Review copy? Simply post here and send a PM. we'll hook you up! Offer ends soon!
  • FrankdenFrankden Philippines
    Hi, i've message u and looking for review copy?
  • purehustlepurehustle - Verified Lists, Private Proxies, Catch-all Emails
    @Frankden you got it bud! just sent you a PM. 


  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    I was lucky enough to get a review copy for the service to test it out for 24 hours. I was given a link to download the verified list (normally it would be autosync via dropbox), 25 ports (rotating proxies) and a single catchall email, which I believe was unique to me.

    The proxies and email worked flawlessly through my testing. So very happy with those.

    The site list contained over 9 million urls, but once I imported it into an empty folder and removed duplicate domains, it shrunk down to almost 3 million urls.

    I initially ran 2 campaigns to see how many verified links I'd get. One with all platforms selected and another with just contextuals (NF + DF). Using 100 threads with CB and 1captchas with hard to solve captchas skipped.

    24 hours wasn't enough time to test the list with the given proxies and email, and they automatically stopped working after 24 I switched over to my own proxies and emails.

    Projects are still running now so the list of verified links is pretty huge. Personally though I was more interested in seeing how many verified I'd get across certain modules, namely, article, social network and forums.

    Almost 2,500 verified links across article, social network and forums. The campaign is still running. I also set up individual campaigns for some of my most used platforms:

    Over 1500 verified links across my most used platforms which is pretty good. Buddypress was a little disappointing as most of the sites had "awaiting account verification" messages.

    I was also disappointed with the state of the list as it looked like it was either old or not cleaned properly (ran through ser and verified before distribution). Let me explain:

    Looking at the size of the data files above, they are pretty huge. But further investigation and testing showed that the wordpress article sites were mainly subdomains for So far I have zero verified wordpress links.

    Buddypress as already mentioned appear to have disabled registration/posting.
    Easy blog is another with big data file, but actual verified links so far are 5! Drupal 23 verified links.

    To me it looks like the list has not been run through ser to clean out the sites that don't work. Which is worrying as it is a list that is being sold for money.

    Maybe I have been spoilt and have higher expectations from paid lists as I've been using loopline's list for ages and there are only freshly verified links in his lists. So in comparison, this list is a little disappointing and needs some work to clean out the non working sites before being sold.

    If the list was clean, I would actually be pretty happy with paying $60 each month, not forgetting it comes with rotating proxies and your own unique catchall email. The proxies were set up to only work on one server ip. I don't know if they could be set up to work with 3 ips, as I normally use the same proxies on 3 servers, plus the 4 installs on my home network.

    But as a paying customer each month, my only concern would be the list needing to be cleaned regularly and just how often will new working sites be added? If that issue can be sorted out, then this service may well be a new one to consider using.

    @purehustle I do appreciate the opportunity to test out your service. I do hope you can work on improving it with more working sites in the article, social network and forum modules.

  • FrankdenFrankden Philippines
    I know i'm beginner in using gsa, but i tried his list for 24 hours. I must say his VPM is good cause it gives me 50 vpm on the following site list (forums,blog comment and url redirect) I appreciate you for giving me the opportunity to try your service. 
  • purehustlepurehustle - Verified Lists, Private Proxies, Catch-all Emails

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  • purehustlepurehustle - Verified Lists, Private Proxies, Catch-all Emails

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