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Captcha Breaker Is Not Responding

sickseosickseo London,UK
edited February 2013 in Bugs

I just bought captcha breaker and it does not seem to be working well when GSA is running. I have the webserver option ticked with decaptcha selected. I have a few installs of senuke running which connects just fine with captcha breaker. The problem happens as soon as I start SER on only 50 threads. Within a minute, captcha breaker shows as not responding. When I stop SER, within a minute captcha breaker starts to respond and all of the sent captchas start to show up with solve times of 10 seconds and one is even 39 seconds! LOL!

Any help would be appreciated,



  • lower your thread count in SER. seems to me that your CPU has maxed out.
  • All is well now. It was the cpu getting maxed out. I had some other tools running at high threads which was maxing things out. Thanks for your help!
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