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Getting indexing rate 10% out off 100

Am using GSA SEO INDEXER but running indexer am getting success rate only 10%  approx is there any way to get more success rate


  • shaunshaun
    Thats actually a pretty good index rate from my experience with GSA SEO Indexer.
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    GSA SEO Indexer is very slow :(
  • then which indexer will be best for index to get more success rate
  • shaunshaun
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    But I recommend GSA products only, you can trust and buy, regularly it's getting updated.
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    My better advice is to get a life time licence software.
  • I already have GSA indexer am telling GSA indexing rate is not too much good 
  • Indexing is most imp I think because after created backlink if those backlink are not index then your Result IS ZERO I think 
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    The answer to your question is what you probably suspected when you posted it: you either need to pay monthly (and possibly per captcha) for a more effective indexer or you need to develop your own method for getting your links indexed.
  • Normally, you will need to run the indexer using its comprehensive mode and that should maximize the indexer's effectiveness, when trying to index your links.

    Yes, comprehensive mode is very slow indeed, but sometime I run 1 link 3 times using the indexer, and that would increase the indexing rate as well.

    But for longer lasting indexing status for your links, you should probably build more contextual backlinks underneath your primary link, and contextual links will have at least 30-50% success (depending on the quality of your content that you are trying to index as well).
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    edited August 2018
    What is the comprehensive mode??? @LightProxies
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited August 2018
    "What is the comprehensive mode??? " -VMart

    I'm going to check, but I think it's "full".

    Full Indexer Mode
    Submits to all sites known.

    Yeah; seems right....VMart, is this it??

    I have used this mode, as well as the "800" mode. (but never cehck %age indexed result :( )

    "but sometime I run 1 link 3 times using the indexer..." -LightProxies

    Super cool! I've been contemplating doing this.

    I did it once accidentally in "800" mode, re-processing a batch by re-selecting ALL, fairly recently, and I paid attention and it seemed like the URLs were different.

    I will DEF be doing this again! :) Thank you LightProxies for confirming it is useful

    But maybe I will run specific GSA projects I'd rather have indexed twice or more based on link type, target, etc. rather than all?  Hmm...either way, more options! :p

  • Tim89Tim89
    I've just rolled out an update for express indexer today, if you want to give that a try.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Tim89: I am presently looking at your web site.  Very interesting.

    "you keep any credits you don’t use each month."

    cool. :)

    Does your service provide stats?  Thanks...

  • Tim89Tim89
    Hey @Deeeeeeee it can't be the first time you've seen my service :o been on this forum for a few years now :P the dashboard doesn't provide actual indexing stats for the user no, but it allows you to re-download your batches and check for yourselves as you pleace.
  • thegsaguythegsaguy I sell GSA Lists
    yeah bro, I think that's a pretty good index rate.
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