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Help with keyword settings please

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Hi guys!
I am total noobie at this program,
very excited about it, currently deciding on my settings.
My question was actually too long for this text box, and as hard I tried - I just couldn't squeeze it in the characters allowed.
I uploaded the question for you to view
PLEASE check it out and kindly help me,

Thanks in advance :)


  • can you copy/paste the question along with the image to your post? if you want help from as many users as possible than do this, because most users won't click your link.
  • I have 4 groups of keywords.
    Group 1 - 20% of anchors.
    Group 2 - 30% of anchors.
    Group 3 - 35% of anchors.
    Group 4 - 15% of anchors.

    As I understand the program, I have only 3 fields to use
    I want to use
    field 1 for group 1 (20%)
    field 2 should be for group 2 (30%)
    field 3 is the file - which will be used for group 3 (35%)
    and I am stuck with gorup 4: 15% which is URL variations [ /
    The check box "use domain as anchor text" is almost good enough to solve this but my exact
    URL is meaning trimming to the root domain is only partly relevant for me.
    I would go for 5% domain, and another 10% which are variation of the full url.
    and this is what I am not finding a solution for.

    How can I squeeze another group?

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    I cannot add the pic, so:

    field 1 stand for "anchor text" field in the "settings" sheet
    field 2 stand for 'secondary anchor' check box in the lower part of the "settings" sheet
    field 3 is the "edit" of the .txt file next to the 'use generic anchor text' check box

    Thanks Ozz for your response


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    I dont understand what you are trying to do.

    mmmm when you check "use domain as anchor text" SER will use the domain you have in URL,
    if you have in URL SER will use that url and not alone, SER will not trimm to root, i believe that was your confusion.. i guess?
  • something like that hehe
    thanks :)
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Use imageshack to load pic and then load URL here using image icon. Then we can see pic. :-)
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