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Proxy Scraper PR Emulator Not Doing Anything with SER

I'm running, Captcha Breaker, Proxy Scraper and SER.  Captcha Breaker is not running as a server.  I have no proxies set to check PR in SER and unchecked Yandex.  Checked Get PR for Verified URLs.

I am using the proxies from Proxy Scraper in SER as  I have Proxy Scraper set to  Emulate Google PR checked.

No results are going into Proxy Scraper and all of the links built in SER have a ? and no PR.  What could the problem be?  I'm running it on a VPS.  I've checked and unchecked a bunch of options but none seem to fix the issue.  Thanks.


  • SvenSven
    change the port for the proxy server from 80 to something else. 8080 is the default port as 80 must be free to simulate webservers and so for PR emu.
  • I originally had it at 8080 and switched it this morning to 80.  I just switched it back to 8080 and still nothing.  I've gone through several threads here but can't figure out the reason it isn't working.
  • SvenSven
    when you changed it to 8080 you need to restart the PR Emulation so it can work correctly.
  • It looks like that worked.  Thanks.
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