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401 Unauthorized - proxy scraper gateway

  • Hi @Sven,

    Since I had troubles getting the gateway to work with username/password, I ran it without, now I got noticed of hacking activity from my instance, via the proxy gateway. 

    So I really need the authentication to work..

  • it really does not ask for authentication, and gives:

    401 Unauthorized

    no login/password sent.


  • SvenSven
    how did you add the proxy in SER?
  • I tried with private proxies, added manually. And public proxies, scraped.

    But the problem is regarding connecting to the gateway..:
  • And not only SER, via the browser, command line, nothing works..
  • SvenSven
    Well it seems you didn't add it correctly in SER at least...I just tested it and added...

    login@password: <<change to your data

    and all worked fine.
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