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Good reliable PVA account seller / service ?

as the title says do you guys know any paypal accepted PVA account seller? i want to buy usa ip based pva gmail accounts for magic indexer ?  past seller not accepted paypal just bit coin and perfect money which i hate


  • Tim89Tim89
    Jesus Christ. Why would you want to waste your money and get the accounts suspended after time only to have to reinvest for more? 

    There are are various services available for pva accounts, a simple google search will enable you to waste your money if you so wish. Google is your friend.
  • Tim89

    I know .  and i use your express indexer but rate is much better with MI since it submit for google webmaster. so index everything which possible to index...thats what i belive..

    Yes i always do search..but almost all BHW BST sellers are out of stocks same with google results (almost all sellers in bhw )

    buypva was good and now they dont accept paypal...

    i may switch to EI later due to this reason..:) 

  • Use magic indexer. Worth money and you don't have to pay for shitty broken indexers. 

    Buy BTC using credit / debit card via mamacoin and pay for 

    Works charm with magic indexer. thank me later on. ;)
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