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Low verified rate on my campaigns

Hello world,

After a several days of researching, yesterday I decided to give a try to two new services: 1captchas and stormproxies.
I create the campaigns as per my strategies, using fresh harvested URLs and I start the job. In about 18 hours of processing I'm very dissapointed with the results: 5037 submited and 30 verified. Is a shame...

The only notification message is from 1captchas services: Error: undefined error message (probably down)

I'm using the 48HR Trial - 50 Captchas Per Minute from 1captchas and 40 Simultaneous Connections from stormproxies.

Did somebody experience the same situation as mine, using same captcha or proxy services?

Thanks for your opinions.


  • shaunshaun
    I'm guessing you are self-scraping your lists from what you have said? These are pretty normal rates for self-scrapes. When we post screenshots of our rigs pulling hundreds of links per minute its because we are using premium lists and then taking the steps required to filter them as I explain here so they are crazy fast.

    I also want to quickly say that I have used 1captchas and when I used the service it was the best OCR service I have ever used and their owner is a good lad.

    Stormproxies on the other hand is owned by the same guy as SeRocket and I will never knowingly use anything he is involved in again. Here is my initial review on their SeRocket sales thread on how they are selling a dead list and lying to their users and here is another post I made where a few other members over on BHW commented similar things.

    I have never used his Stormproxies service but if I was in your situation I would drop it at the first sign of funny business. Don't trust any claims they make or anything his support staff either.
  • Hi Shaun and thanks for answering.

    Yes, you right, I'm using self-scraping URL list. I use Scrapebox to harvester them, on my preferred kw and footprints. Then I know that the adult niche is a bit more complicated that the other ones. But when I been using GSA Proxy Scraper and GSA Captcha Braker the results been more favorable.
    Anyway, can you recommend a decent proxy services?

    Thanks again.

  • shaunshaun
    I still use buyproxies, I have used them since I got into IM. If you are self scraping though they might be a problem as you will have to put timeouts on them to stop them getting banned.

    With self scraping with niche keywords, especially if you put filters on your projects in SER you will always struggle to get links no matter what you do in all honesty.
  • if we talking about owners stormproxies is from serocket also 1captcha from 1linklist which is highly scam and shit.  i didnt try 1captcha cause i lesson learnt from linklist1. old big master list and tiny new target crap i never forget their shitlist.  same goes with serocket.

    if one product faill doesnt mean all his products are bad...yes as shaun said stormproxies is bad cause its from serocket i disagreed. 1captcha from another scam list provider as serocket. 

    i guess 1captcha is good and not like linklist. 

    always go with or blazingllc both are perfect.  for a raw list verification ratio is pretty normal. 

  • Tim89Tim89
    Looks about right to me when your processing raw scrapes. 

    Scrape for longer to yield more verified results, I usually scrape about 250,000 targets before I even think about ending my scrape and processing them because I know I will only get around 1,500 to 5,000 verifieds if I'm lucky, this is also very much dependant on the type of footprints you use.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    edited May 2017
    @jimmymlm - you're making strong accusations against a forum member & a service that both have very good reputations here. I used @1linklist lists within the past couple months, and this was not my experience at all. Post some evidence for your claim.
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