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List Question

Hi guys and gals, looking for a little insight into lists.

My question relates to what exactly are lists and how do they work? How does GSA know how to post to particular sites??

My understanding of a list is - a list of scraped URL targets based on keyword (if manually creating them) so something like using SB and a footprint of + "keyword"

This will return a lot of .edu domains related my my niche, but how does GSA actually post the link?



  •  Search engines use  formulas, known as algorithms,  which are constantly changing as the search engines strive to achieve improved results.
    There are certain basic factors that all the search engines like use to help value a site and propel that site to the top of the rankings.

    The perfectly optimized web page will have the right blend of keyword usage and high quality content that flows naturally.

    it just get to have

    high content quality ,anchor tags in backlinks with natural quality , well their are many other factors too :)

    hope i will be of some help @SEOQuinning :)

  • shaunshaun
    @hawkeye did you even read his question?

    @SEOQuinning that's pretty much what a list is, a premium list is essentially one of those lists but someone else does all the scraping, extraction and verification for you and you just pay them each month for their verified list.

    The .edu thing isnt really important, its the content management system running on the domain that matters such as wordpress or drupal. SER detects the CMS it supports and then runs its script/scripts to try and post.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    I've noticed quite a few garbage posts from users with new accounts and / or aged accounts with very few posts in the past few days. Wonder what's going on.
  • Thanks @shaun still finding my feet with GSA so that helps. I am going to try out ser lists.

  • hawkeye

    i am pretty sure at that time you were high 
  •  :D 
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited May 2017
    Lets get something straight, a list isn't a "premium list" if it's readily available to whoever pays for it. 

    A premium list is a list that you've created yourself and you use exclusively yourself, at the end of the day premium means "quality" and you're not getting "quality" when hundreds of others are using it. 

    To answer your question, you import the list into SER and the tool will automatically go through the list and post to sites that it can also depending on which platforms you've selected in your campaign but in terms of "how" it does this, it's all automated, all you need to do is feed it with scraped targets. 

    If you are wanting to scrape targets yourself, I can help you with some footprints, just pm me.
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