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Best search engines ranker tools/services in 2017 - rolodex

Hello, guys how u all doing?  

long time i stopped using gsa ser. i started back and going to love it.  few days back i got a check from sellhealth and i noticed these are from just few web2.0 i have created six months ago and purely blasted with gsa ser.  When i check these on semrush they are performing very good. even i am not a big seo fan i wanna try this.  cause this is my first cash check from google traffic.

i used to run gsa ser in a dedicated server. got all the basic tools scm , gsa cb  all i want is to know reliable tools, services to speed , improve effectiveness or anything helps the setup.

I know i can do my homework and find out who's the best proxy provider right now and try few of them. i don't want to go for troubles and money waste. 

So please tell me what sellers, tools, service you guys use to run best gsa search engine ranker? 

So far i have tried few services and these are the services i liked 

Greenclouds - very fast servers / very good support used months back and purchased again
Buyproxies - i use 50 semi proxies  good speed / good communication 

i have also used serengines for web2.0 few years back and heard they works now fine.

lets build the Rolodex for best ser setup \m/




  • I use sslprivateproxies. But there proxies are getting saturated with spam. I am also looking to switch to different provider.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    I'd just go with what @shaun says:
  • hawkeye world

    check what op suggested for proxies. buyproxies and blazingproxies the best. and they are the cheapest.

  • edited May 2017

    These are the tools  i use and i am impressed with every service below 

    Best server providers i use :  - the botnet forum owners service. very good. available in gsa forum marketplace. - the same owner as greenclouds.but only dedicated servers.. perfect support. it's in the forum marketplace. - they are good.but first time they may ask payment verification/phone verify etc. not a problem at all. available in the forum marketplace.

    Best proxy providers i use : - my beloved oldest provider.perfect support.they are fast. - usa semi dedicated works fine. cheap when you buy 50+ 

    Good email providers i use : 

    here i can't say best cause non of them are perfect, so i can say they are good and there is no alternative option except buying few domains and $1 hosting and setup your own catchalls

    I use these providers my self : - good and instant activation. you don't have to wait. they are available in forum marketplace. - fiverr removes sellers gig so search keywords for emails , buy pva emails , gsa ser emails  (not reliable as its email accounts/anytime can ban/slow responses ) - you can buy there too. available in forum marketplace. fast customer support.

    Best verified lists i use : - best and affordable list provider. i could lucky enough to buy their lifetime package years ago. definitely worth shot. they are available in forum marketplace. - i use them time to time. they offer what they promise. available in the marketplace.

    Best tier 1 content generation i use: -  Best PLR articles and great for web 2.0 creation / pbn creation.not. I belive they are not available in the marketplace.  lucky enough to get their lifetime plan. big time saver! - i use this more and more. just copy competitors article and spin it to over 500s articles. just subscribe to their newsletter and you can have a chance to buy their lifetime package. not available in forum market place.  cheaper than wordai.  - i use this when i running out content for small good for t1s. (faster than ) . not available in the forum. 

    Best captcha service provider i use  : - best and affordable human captcha service. available in forum market place.

    gsa captcha breaker - Product from GSA family. i don't need to mention about this product. :P ofc my favorite captcha software.

    I don't want to mention any indexer services, t1 automation or any tool that related to gsa search engine ranker here ., 

    why ?  cause i only want to share what i am use and satisfied. 

    i hope this will useful for some of gsa ser fellas . 
  • Cosmetak 

    nice contribute man! 

    i got all above you've mentioned. loved them. 

    i use magic indexer for indexing. again it needs captchas and their support not much good. but it works and love it. 

  • redrays

    its good as much as how big affiliate commissions.

     I personally like greenservers than solidseovps. 

    greens doesn't have a affiliate program for all servers. people always promote big chunks of commissions.  they are not santas :) 
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @lukyjohn - just how many accounts do you have on this forum? :)
  • redrays Las Vegas

    I got 2 accounts and 1 was completely lost with my gmail. this one was oldest. not a forum leecher nor seeder. i use forums when i get high lol. my first place productivity
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @lukyjohn - your greenclould shilling sounds awfully similar to what @Cosmetak wrote, which is why I asked. I find it funny that you accuse @shaun of being a shill for recommending Solid Seo VPS, which has a perfect reputation (see many threads on this forum, none of which contain affiliate links), while Greencloud most certainly does not. Really makes you think  :o
  • shaunshaun
    @redrays totally missed his comment when I first read the thread.

    @lukyjohn Firstly, Greencloudvps do have an affiliate program. Secondly, Greencloud have a bunch of products on offer that are the same or very similar to what Solid have but they charge more for them. The easiest one to find quickly are proxies, check out the greenclouds proxies here and the solidseovps proxies here and compare their prices.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @shaun - I'm fairly confident that at least one of these guys is a sock puppet account. Greencloud is indeed overpriced, with horrible support on top of it. I tested them out years ago, then one month my dedicated server went down for days, probably close to a week. They didn't care, responded to my tickets incredibly slowly, then offered a refund for the remaining days on my billing cycle but not the days the server was unavailable. I would never recommend Greencloud to anyone under any circumstances.

    But hey, they're good enough for a couple guys with a dozen posts each :\ 
  • redrays

    i came here for the title. after more than 9months vacation finally back to check up whats best to grab. 

    i was a big fan of solid seo vps as well as greenclouds. for me green gloud better cause i am a big fan of rock. he's the founder of thebotnet. was running a decent service and i am sure still he does. btw i will update as i am going to check both of them. 
  • Tim89Tim89
    Best search engine ranking tools 2017 = your finger tips, your brain and an internet connection.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    edited May 2017
    Dear @lucawalkley, @lukyjohn, @Abel123, @Cosmetak, @hawkeye, @jhonnyshadow

    It would be a lot easier to hide the fact that you are all the same person if you would learn how to use the @ function and not shill so blatantly for Green Cloud VPS and 'rock'.
  • shaunshaun
    @redrays hahaha you have a keen eye mate.
  • redrays

    lol i don;t wanna prove anything for you. anyway i don't use any of them for now. i use for now. i don't wanna pay more when i get cheaper and better dedicated servers from them. i just try whenever i dont get time to setup. 

    also if you check my comments i never suggest any of them for now.

    i just said my thoughts... cause i noticed you blame them which is total different in my experience... i didnt say solid seo bad or greencloud bad...

    for me both are good and personally, i like GC that not cause anything just cause i am a fan of them.  

    no hard feelings :)

  • redrays 

    hmmm just seen you tagged me. easy man.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    edited May 2017
    @Cosmetak  thank you for the recommendation on my emails.
    Any GSA Forum members  - use coupon code Cosmetak50%  for 50% discount on GSA SER email packs  on 30 & 31 May (GMT+7) ( 1 time per user )

    Apart from the email, we have a few other gsa related services as well - can see them all here -

  • shaun


    1. No greencloud does have affiliates only for VPS not for their dedicated servers. Thats what i wanted to clarify. 

    2. i don't use greencloud proxies much. so i am not sure about pricing and i even don't wanna look. tried solid proxies years back and there was problems.  browse their old pages and check yourself. 

    i dont wana insult any of them and i use both time to time. 

  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    And in response I get three posts, each one with no capitalization and improper use of the @ feature. Yeah, you guys sure proved me wrong.
  • Try "Semrush" it has everything one needs for checking the ranking and changes of keywords in search engines.
  • Mike_RossMike_Ross Arizona, USA

    Don't think it's related to here. As op suggests it's GSA SER resources hand book. 

  • You can also try for some pretty powerful links.
  • shaunshaun
    @graham23s probably would have been better to let people know you own it in your post....
  • @graham23s

    Interesting something like bluechip 
  • Thank you for all the help guys. Currently i am busy with few killing seo tactics. Going to rock soon. 
  • harisharis Indonesia
    @royalmice and @Cosmetak
    if there any coupon code for buy GSA SER
  • shaunshaun
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions

    If you follow the following link you can get 15% discount on ALL GSA products  --

  • royalmice your GSA SER data packs save my ass. Thank you mate. 
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