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GSA SER - nothing found since new build v5.16

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Hi there

I've used GSA every day (fantastic product!) for about ten days.  Ive changed my Keywords every day and until today - I've been getting a steady flow of verified submissions - somewhere in the region of perhaps 120 a day - until yesterday and today, when I've not generated a single link.
I've changed the search terms several times today - nothing. 

Almost every link now comes back with 'no engine matches' or 'download failed' (even though clicking on the failed link opens the website/page)

Any suggestions anyone?
Thank you.


  • your proxies are dead/crap. buy some shared proxies from proxy-hub or buyproxies.
  • Hi Ozz - thanks, will do.
    I assume that simply resetting my IP address (dished out dynamically from my ISP) isn't good enough?
  • @Ozz, you should make that statement a pop up for all new users.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Dont tempt him.

    Im sure he has the shackles and whip ready for repeat offenders :D

  • i already saved this as a draft :D
  • Might I suggest updating your helpfile and documentation then, which at the moment specifically states

    "Proxies: You can use proxies to search, post or for everything. It is not really required to use proxies though some customers prefer to be anonymous which is possible when using proxies as your real IP is not seen by the site you submit to"

    It would be helpful to make it clear that GSA actually stops working after a while unless Proxies are used because of the nature of the work the program does.  What may be obvious to an SEO such as yourself might not be so obvious to us poor simple CEO's.
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    I've purchased ten private proxies as you suggested, and have re-run my projects.
    Perhaps it may be a configuration error on my part, because as stated before - almost every search now comes back with no results at all.

    Each line says something like the following:

    17:56:26: [ ] 000/000 [Page END] results on <SEARCH ENGINE GOES HERE> with query.....

    Every query has two terms that it submits to each search engine:
    1) one is the Keyword I specify in my list of keywords in SETTINGS->DATA->KEYWORDS  (all well and good!)

    2) The other is some nonsense each time, such as
    //footprints removed//

    I am not collecting keywords from target sites, neither am I using them to find new target sites.

    I'm sure it must be something I have done - I just don't know what.  Sorry.

  • How many search engines are you using? Try trimming it down to a few of the main ones.
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    4 projects currently use 8 engines each, with 18 different keywords per project
    1 project uses 19 search engines and a total of 30 keywords.

    I can cut down to two or three search engines, but I don't see the logic behind the bizarre second search term added to every search that seems to cause zero results to be returned.  Here are some examples, where my keyword is "Solicitor UK", but the search URL actually adds weird text each time, and the search engine then returns no results.

    //some log lines for engine footprints -> removed//

  • You may want to throw a bunch more keywords in there. My projects usually have around 100k.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    The amount of keywords needs a zero or two added to them

    19 keywords will last a few minutes of running ser

  • your "nonsense" is the most important part for your search and is called 'footprint'

    do the following:
    - uncheck "always use keywords for search" (don't ask, just do it ;))
    - select + 5 different Google SEs (no Google Blog SE)
    - add more keywords, use Googles KW tool to add some more so you have at least 500

    if nothing helps, post screenshots of your setting.

  • LOL! - Shows how much I know.

    All suggestions implemented and guess what  - I'm  finding links again.
    Genius.  Thank you very much.
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