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GSA SER: Does it work in 2017?

As title goes: Does it work in 2017 as the only link source? Do you have any projects with keywords on #1-3 with SER as the only link source? 

Please share your findings, as I am curious if I should rank with it again or not. Cheers! 


  • Tim89Tim89
    I have never relied on solely SER for ranking, I have ranked sites in the past purely with SER but to be totally honest, those sites haven't stuck around for very long.

    I've always used a diverse backlink profile and so should everyone.

    I currently have most of my sites ranking 1-3 (or first page) which all have SER links at some point within the tiers.
  • shaunshaun
    Pretty much what Tim said. I have had a bunch of tests up from the end of March or start of April this year as well as a batch from the around November last year and all of them got an initial spike and then nose dived. I have a few theories as to why this happened and its all based around Penguin 4 and link retention.

    Out of the test batches the ones with a T1 of RX and SER and a T2 of SER pointing to the T1 RX are doing the best so far. I have just taken delivery of some manual T1 web 2.0s that I plan to build T2 RX and SER to and then T3 SER to the T2 RX to see how it goes.

    The top screenshots page is from the very start of April with the bottom screenshot from the start of the third week in April and both had their first SERP jump recently using what I said above.

    I am pretty sure SER only linkbuilding and using it for the old school churn and burn style where you build tons of links is dead now though.

    That is an Amazon parasite with 150,000 non-contextual links and about 100,000 contextuals on T1 with millions of non-contextuals to the contextual T1s and it hasnt budged in the slightest. Its the exact same method I used back in 2015 to get this type of stuff....

    My current thinking is with Penguin 4 being real time it is able to discount the links to domains/pages that are designed to make money that go on and offline often like SER links do but from my current tests this year they still seem fine on T2 and I am going to try them on T3 as explained earlier.

  • Shaun have you tested a RankerX tier 1 without the additional tiers behind it? Curious if you think SER is helping as a tier 2 method?
  • shaunshaun
    @cinnamonspice I haven't actually, that could be something to try though. I have some T1 RX T2 RX stuff going though so I am curious as to how they will turn out.
  • @shaun
    I'm currently testing as of last week, but my thought is it SER isn't helping money sites why think that it would be helping a tier 1 of web 2.0s unless it's leading to higher indexing rates I guess. 
  • i am on cpa niches and i rank only with ser. what i do is throwing contextuals without k2s and for 2nd tier its again contextuals but with k2. i really don;t care much about seo other than buidling contextuals.  thats for my situation... like i said for cpa . not sure about big niches. never been :) 

    i also ranking blogposts and warez with only with gsa ser. 

    i think its like a knife. you can cut anything you want.  
  • kxpkxp United States
    @jimmymlm - What do you mean by k2? Joomla K2?
  • Mike_RossMike_Ross Arizona, USA
    i have my own pbn network built by web 2.0 

    do follow contex links with ser 

    i can say i still rank even after new changes

    but now i more consern about bing but sadly not much experice with bing i am testing  why not to test yourself too :) 

  • how many SER links is it reasonable to build to each web20 created with RX?
  • 710fla710fla ★ #1 GSA SER VERIFIED LIST
    @melaton I do around 50 a day. No real limit just don't blast 1000 links one day and zero the rest of the week. That looks unnatural.
  • @710fla
    nice, and when exactly do you stop building GSA links? When you reach what total amount of links for this particular web20?
  • 710fla710fla ★ #1 GSA SER VERIFIED LIST
    @melaton I just schedule it to post everyday there's no limit. I scrape my own list so my verified list is constantly updated with new sites.

    Remember it's a web 2.0 not your money site so you don't really have to worry about it being penalized.
  • @710fla
    Having web20 used on T2 in order to power up PBNs post would you also go unlimited, or limit the link count to a particular number?
  • 710fla710fla ★ #1 GSA SER VERIFIED LIST
    @melaton only create 1 link per web 2.0 if I understood your question right.

    So if GSA SEREngines can create 20 different web 2.0s then I would build 20 web 2.0s to each PBN.
  • it does. it works . i am going to rock up my gsa ser 
  • kxp

    yes i guess its k2.
  • Mike_Ross 

    yes since many end user pcs comes with bing theres a good potentials with white hat niches. 

    white hat niches + bing + ser = bragging money 

  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited October 2017
    GSA-SER is like a toobox. I find it reminds me of Adobe Photoshop, personally. :)

    Photoshop allows you to do stuff faster, and is full of features. Same for GSA-SER.

    Really, you are just posting faster, to sites you'd have to visit and post on by hand.

    Of course, that's quite an oversimplification of what's available, in terms of functionality, but that's basically how I see it.

    How you use it is your business.  But like a real toolkit, you never run out of uses for saws, hammers, etc.

    I think with the new SEREngines, GSA-SER can do even more. I've read a lot about it on this forum in the threads, and it seems to fill in any gaps. (I haven't tried it yet!)

    But should you just use this one toolkit, even if it does everything? :* Hmmm....

    I do only use PhotoShop, and that was my

    It's not exactly the same, though.

    Surely tactics and ways of using SER have to adapt and change, but that's largely the user's choice of how to use it.  SEO, overall, is more complicated, and will likely continue to become even more so in the future, making it all the more challenging with or without SER.

  • @kxp  Yes it's joomla k2s. 
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