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before buying GSA


Looking forward to buy GSA .. but before I do can you help me out what else need to get better backlinks or which other softwares / services should I consider like indexer , articles creators , proxies or any other and which also good vps.

any help / suggestions will be appreciated :)


  • 1linklist1linklist FREE TRIAL Linklists - VPM of 150+ -
    1. I no longer use an Indexer, so I cant help there.
    2. Article Creators - I mostly stick to Fiverr at this point, for bulk spin stuff I would try WordAI
    3. I use for all my proxy needs.
  • My setup is  GSA SER and GSA CB
    50 Private proxies from
    catcthcall from seo spartans 
    vps is from greenclouds  

    for article creator seo content machine which is better than for KM imo 

  • so far noted to buy 
    GSA CB
    added to list will check more options before buying :)
  • I use:

    GSA CB
    100 Private Proxies from Instant Proxies ($1 per proxy)
    GSA Platform Identifier
    Spin Rewriter
    Kontent Machine
    SEO Content Machine
    Probably going to buy GSA Content Creator and cancel Kontent Machine. 

    Indexer is almost useless these (IMO) unless you get something like Light Speed Indexer.

    If you get Scrapebox you can scrape your own lists but there's some time and learning involved. 

    Loopline has a good list but I'm not sure he's accepting new users. You would have to check. 

    I like SpinRewriter way more than WordAI. It's faster for me although i only use it for T1 content. T2 and below I use the Kontent Machine standard spinner.

  • can you please let me know why need of Scrapebox here .. GSA do have their on list .. of do I have to buy any other service for that as well
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited May 2017
    @vicky447 SER can automatically scrape/search for new targets itself but having scrapebox will allow SER to do what it's best at and that's posting.

    You can let SER do it all if you want, but this is the reason SEOs prefer to have both tools, SB to scrape potential targets and feed them into SER.

    As for indexing services, they do still work, you've got to pick the right one and have realistic expectations, if you're building crap, then don't expect amazing results.
  • shaunshaun
    vicky447  You can use this method to build your list using just the GSA toolset, it works but its slow. Or you could use this method to build your list using a number of tools, its quicker and more efficient but costs more and requires more tool knowledge.
  • edited May 2017
    @Tim89 @arc323 @Cosmetak
    im new to this few guidelines will be helpful 
    Can anyone let me know then complete setup including which service / software to get good website list for links.
    and for indexer ( let me know your views )
    so far in my list
  • Tim89Tim89
    To make money online, literally, all you need is;

    SER or any other type of link building software.

    optional catalysts for ranking;


    Indexing service (my opinion I thought the service you mentioned stopped working a long time ago as many say that "indexers have not worked forever" and this could be one of the reasons why people think that indexers no longer work, so make your own decision on this I will not make this for you considering I have owned and run Express Indexer for almost 4 years) I don't want to seem bias.

    List selling service

    I started SEO many years ago now and all I started with was a link building tool, proxies, my own personal computer and a content generator, the rest is really in your control, picking a niche, finding profitable keywords with search volume and then going out and getting the rankings.
  • vicky447 

    so far i have used almost all provider in here.  

    serocket provides the same list again n again so it's in my shitlist. but i am not sure now haven't used for last 6months 

    1linklist also got an over 500k large list after removing duplicates its around 300k and again they give the same list again and agan.they also provides new urls when merging there's not much to consider

    donald list is dead, not sure he's even active again haven't used for last 2years :D 

    inet solution list is good but its bit trouble and low number of targets but i like it more than other mentioned providers above 

    Trevor bandura list was good but expensive when purchase his 6motns but list was really good 

    there are lot i used and best was looplines  , grindlists and serverifiedlists

    now i use only serverifiedlists cause their prices are reasonable and you 99% f their links work fine. i have been using their monthly list with good results. 

    that was about lists 

    you really don't have to use scrapebox if you are planning to go with a list. but i use scrapebox my self  day to day tasks.

    no point to spend money on indexers. save money for future products :) 

    i rank my keywords in few days to weeks again these are low competition and i am working on very specific niche. 

  • @Cosmetak thanks for your comments about all these list services .. now this helps me lot  and save me some money .. 
  • Cosmetak 

    defa !

    serocket are the worst lol. 

    you have forgotten serpowerlists :P  and they are good too.

    like you said grind list and serverifiedlists are the best. 
  • vicky447 

    No problem mate :) 
  • golflover

    yes i have used ser power lists too. but honestly i don't much remember how smooth it was going. 

    for now i can vouch onle serverifiedlists and grindlists.  

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