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Web 2.o Engines Not working Right Now

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More Engines Still not working right now.

I guess Here, in this forum all people post only their problems , not any one happy with this.

Someone is facing problem with Verifyed links , someone is facing problem with submition links . And someone is facing problem with Captcha and any other problem releated GSA services like proxies and glbal option settings , footprint, and so on.....

You send new updates everyday but they don't explain for this ?

I personally check every engine everyday for one of my particular engine for particular project. But and i got this result. Most of the engines are not still working properly ( Failed) ?

For example :> I created a new project and only selected web 2.0 engine and when i checked after 24 hrs and there was no verified and submitted link.. How is it possible?

3 to 4 engine of every platform is going to fail with every of my project ?




  • Gsa is best software found till now have run for web 2.0, all have gone pr 2 , pr 3 + and within 4 days 4,5 web 2.0 were on 4,5 page of google, its been 1 month now, stick there, good thing , links from different platform ..
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    hmm @Mani ... you seem to do alot of things wrong with SER .. and dunno what you are talking for bs bout all people here are from svens company ?? most are happy customers ... pitty for you read the forum and maybe even you will figure out how to use this mighty seo software.
    and btw .. i dont think you find many seo software developers who care that much about their product as sven ! his support is jsut amazing and dont forget it seems to be only one guy coding on this app
  • I really don't understand why you post this...

    ever seo marketer have know this statement : "is not the tool fault if you can rank your site, but it's how you use the tool"

    didn't you notice it, many GSA SER user who post a problem with the GSA SER they simply didn't watch and read how to proper setup a campaign. They just buy - load everything and run it. after that they complain this and then complain that, example.

    A lower LpM, one of the main cause is they use free public proxy. And this already mention so many times here in this forum. FREE PROXY SUCKS... make sure you use paid private proxy.

    What i mention is only one of the small mistake that cause so many GSA SER user keep posting about low LpM.

    For your Web2.0 have no submit and verify after 24 hours, again... have you check your PROXY? what proxy are you using? free proxy? help your self to post your setting, use a free screenshot grabber -> and post it here. Is better for you to do that, rather you complain and posting this massage.

    again, if you see at GSA SER member who posting problem. They don;'t post their setting, that's why no one can help them to solve the problem. Please do post your setting and screenshot, so we can help you solve your problem.
  • This is so obvious that is someone trolling i will not waste time answering him, just ignore.
  • @sven, please check the user ip... is it areeb(senuke xcr) or is it edwin(edwinsoft)...

    they have abuse this forum because of drop in their sales...
  • ronron

    Guys, this dumbass was a member of the forum for one day. Check his profile. This is his first message. What a way to start!!

    @sven @ozz, please delete this thread.

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    Hello Everyone..

    Please don't get me wrong!

    I am old user of this GSA forum but i got
    continuously the same result ( due to Web 2.0 and other engine) .

    I am not  Abusing GSA .

    I want to know the right solution of my engine problem so that i
    can perform better on my project results. 
                                   Thanks to all of you for sharing your
  • WTF? You joined Feb 14th (no girlfriend to spend Valentine's day with) and you claim to be old member in 2 days and spamming this forum instead.

    Kick this joker out!!!
  • hello tumpien I am user of GSA software not a forum Faq >

    If you are able to giving me best answer of above question then give me the right answer >

    Don't discuss about what is wrong and and what is right >

    I have to right asq this question . Because i am using your GSA s/w .
  • Then open a thread show us your setting... stop posting this nonsense thread cause it will not help you solve your GSA SER problem...
  • OzzOzz
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    > I have to right asq this question

    Which question again? You've ask no question or did I miss it because your original post is formatted like crap?! If you want a serious discussion than ask serious questions in a proper way. Without doubt, Web20's aren't a strength of SER, but there are so many platforms out there that SER has a use for almost anyone.

    @ron: sorry, I can't lock/delete threads anymore as I've "un-modded" me with the begin of the new year.
  • @ron and @ozz, i think it's ok to no delete this thread so for other GSA SER user can learn from this post...

    I think we should make it sticky, so other member not follow this same mistake like @Mani did.

    Lesson learn....

    Need help, post your GSA SER setting... don't abuse this forum...
  • @darman Areeb wouldn't do this! Don't talk crap
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    Nah i believe @s4nt0s or @sven should delete this thread asap, its useless, and they should ban that user / ip
  • ronron
    The definition of a "troll" is somebody who makes a controversial post in a forum, and gets everybody in the forum upset. Enough said.
  • SvenSven

    I will not delete this thread to show people how wrong someone can be.

    1. Some Web2.0 engines might not work, Fact and true

    2. Why would someone just use Web2.0 is unknown to me. There are so many good engines that give more and better results than a single post on one Web2.0 engine

    3. If people select Web2.0 and go away for X hourse and expect it to be done when back is so wrong. A lot of the Web2.0 engines need captcha input. If you don't do that you will not get a single one.

    4. If you think something is not as you expect, ASK for help, show us something constructive to help you.

    5. Of course most people who are happy with this software will not post here. Thats a natural fact. People having no issues don't go to a support forum asking for help. Ever thought about it? And I can tell you that here are many many customers not showing up here.

    6. GSA consists of just two people. One is me (Sven) the other can not speak English that well to join here. All people on this forum are customers (happy or not).

    7. The response from people show just one thing, you are wrong!?

    8. Why do you buy something without testing it? We have a demo version...use it before buying.

    9. I got better things to do than arguing about this.

  • ronron
    edited February 2013

    The comparison here is that most people expect to step into a car, sit down, turn on the key, and hit the gas.

    But SER is like an airplane. You better know how to use the controls. You don't just hit the gas in an airplane. You better take a serious look at all the buttons and read the threads here before hitting the gas!

    And if you do not know what you are doing, then set-up a dummy project and aim it at some anonymous website (like a a parked domain that you own) to see what the hell you are doing first!

  • I demand justice because I am paying customer!!!

    Seriously. If you ever got your way by being angry and loud, its only because people wanted to get away from you and your intolerable way of being.
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    hahaha ... I started a topic similar to this one complaining about web2.0 success rate when I first joined GSA forums and the post was deleted ( I was angry but I don't think I was that rude like the OP , this guy is amazingly rude ! lol )

    I was pissed off because I bought GSA SER mainly to do web2.0 and then I suddenly found out that web2.0 is simply not working in SER.

    @Mani .. Listen to me , Web2.0 sites are a very high quality sites and they are updating their pages every week to stop spammers like me and you. So don't expect Sven to sit everyday for hours trying to fix these web2.0 engines scripts for you forever!! after you just paid him 99$ to buy SER !!.

    In your SER project select Articles , Social engines and you will get plenty of juicy Article links ( you can also set a page rank filter if you want )

    SER is very very very superior though. Sven is an amazing programmer .. actually he is a programming machine!. The new features he implements in the frequent updates you usually see are very useful and brilliant. Just open your eyes and get the web2.0 thing out of your mind ( for now ).

    Sven is working on a (platform trainer) module where you can train SER to post to your own sites/platforms easily using a simple GUI and you can also fix the current web2.0 sites yourself if you want. Also there are some services coming soon to do the web2.0 scripting job for you for a small monthly fee.

    Some softwares, UD for instance have Elgg / Jcow platforms and they call it a web 2.0 sites!!!! and they charge you a monthly fee for their software. ( they have some real web2.0 though , but they are very few )

    Sven on the other hand implemented these two platforms in SER along with much much more Article and blog platforms but he didn't call it a web2.0 site! simply because they are not web2.0! You know why? because He respects his customers.

    Go read a lot in these GSA forums , find tips from the amazing helpful community , right down notes...etc

    When you learn how to use SER correctly .. then you will definitely appreciate the work of the Smart German guy.

  • SvenSven
    @mamadou usually I don't delete posts unless they are spam, double posts or out of context with no real information. Sorry if I deleted yours by mistake maybe.
  • @Sven

    No problem, I'm happy it was deleted anyway. I was looking from one eye exactly like the OP is doing now and that is wrong.
  • Ok , i have understood this problem. Seven And Ozz , Can you provide me some tips on how to correct notworking engines so that i could use them in my next project lists..

    1 - How Can I test manually any engine which is working or not for any particular platform like wordpress, General blog ,Blogspot , KeywordLuv ,hoodstars and so on.

    2 - How can we change in our platforms like wordpress, General blog, blogspot, Tblog etc..when they do changes in their sites...

    Actually, I read all other's user comment on my post and after reading it, i thought that they are not interested to give me the answer on my post's question.except ozz and sven .

    This is why sven and ozz, if you both have the answer of my question with the help of i can reach at my question's solution. Kindly provided it as soon as possible. And If no i have no issue and i am about to delete my post myself after few hours. I have decdied that ...whether you are providing the answer to me or not...
  • I would Suggest Mani to Post Issues GSA is Magic tool and we have many magician. who can help you.

    Make fresh thread with issues ur facing.
  • OzzOzz
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    don't waste your time with Web20 and stick to Articles + Social Networks which give you way more URLs to post to instead to post one-time-URLs like

    also you may want to subscribe to this service of Jamese which will update/add Web20 scripts soon. Apart from that you need to make sure to use a human captcha solving service and good proxies to get some backlinks on Web20s.
  • OzzOzz
    edited February 2013
    and why you are posting the engine scripts? don't you think we have installed the same scripts on our machine?
    post your log files instead.

    besides that uncheck "always use keywords for searches" if you feel that you won't find any directories or SNs.

    Edit 2: why you use a PR filter for captcha solving when your only captcha service is CB? man, your OP sucked hardcore and you were moaning about bad results but it seems to me that you don't know what you are doing.

    do us a favour and learn how to use the software, read as many topics on this board as you can and then come back when you have a clue about what you are doing.

    sorry @all newbies if this sounds rude. i don't want to scare you to ask questions but when i read an OP like this than i await that the user is knowing what he's doing before posting bullshit. please keep asking questions in a proper way when you are not sure about something. nobody has mastered SER in 5 minutes.
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