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hi guys, i know there is an old thread here on this but its hardly useful. not sure if anyone is using rankwyz with success would love some feedback. :) they have been around for a while and initially from what i read online there were some stability issues, seems like they are still around ( > 3 years) and i guess they must be doing something right?


  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    I sent them a sales question about 2 years ago, both via email and the chat option on their website. It has not been answered to this day. Take from that what you will.
  • thanks for the feedback. 

    any existing users have any reviews?
  • shaunshaun
    Used them for their free trial in the past and hated it. Then they released their version 2 with crazy over prices plans and havent paid much though to it since tbh.
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    RankWyz is full of shit. Avoid it buddy. This is their price (for accounts): 
      0 - 500 - $0.2 per account

    Which is ridiculously expensive. But that is not the bad part. Check their account store: . 90% of the sites are from bought domains (domains owned by RankWyz's owner (Pavel)). You can check them yourself.

    I was severely penalized by using RankWyz. When I contacted the guy (Pavel) regarding the problems of bought domains:

    This is what I received:

    Very unethical business. He was bragging about a subdomain url: to see how great his bough domain is :D . But the problem is that blog is deindexed. Unethical business. Buying domains, sell each account for $0.2, profit. 
  • shaunshaun
    @alden nice post man. The scary thing is I bet some people buy that bullshit about the example URL and keep paying for their service.
  • gee this is really bad. i will avoid this portion here.

    how about their web 2.0 accounts? i was looking at that. i was using fcs earlier and the account creation wasnt fast for me. stopped using any web 2.0 tools except for rankerx and revaluating things now.

    btw im not affiliated to any one of them. but i like the idea of a software being able to monitor the status of web 2.0 sites.

    any alternatives other there that can:

    1. create web.20 accounts
    2. monitor web 2.0 for deletion, index status
    3. post links (drip feed) to large number of web 2.0
    4. post super spun all at once to a group of web 2.0 sites?

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    Buddy I am still using RankerX too. BuyProxies, 2captcha, and Xevil are my combo at the moment. RX is cheap (bought it on the first black friday sale) and I don't want to spend more money on a Web 2.0 software. It does all your requirements except for point 2 which I don't really care much because my network is huge (about 300K accounts). Plus I use more PBN sites now and posting to them using RX. But not the way that other people are doing. I buy fresh domains and increase the quality of them by using my huge network of web 2.0 accounts and junk GSA links.
  • @alden haha my secret is leaked. im using fresh domains too with good content and exactly the same way u aare doing.

    i think the expired domains are over rated. btw im using cheap domain extensions (non .com and .net) and they work well too.

    here's some intell for the gsa community if u are buying high da and pa sites.

    PS: google is a domain name registrar. 
  • @Alden

    u referring to this:


    any reviews on this?
  • shaunshaun

    How long does it take for you to see results from the fresh domains? I built a bridge network a while back and posted a whole bunch of web 2.0 and SER links to it but I killed it after 3-4 month.

    Been toying with the idea of starting a new one.
  • Tim89Tim89
    New domains work pretty well for link building.

    If you're looking for an alternative link source (real domains), you can check my upcoming service out, it has;

    - domain index status (constantly monitored)
    - automated posting (set up a posting campaign)
    - drip campaigns

    and much more, if you're interested, throw me a PM.
  • I don't like to hurt anyone's revenue stream, but also since the question was asked I am sharing my RW experience. @Redrays advice is spot on. Pavel + co do not reply to issues/questions. At all. This should be the first warning sign. I have used RW twice in the past. The first time was about 3 years ago, and the service actually worked o.k. not great but was functional. I left for one reason, The desktop account creator simply did not work. Ever. So I did not see the point of paying so much money when I could not create accounts. The second time, I tried again about 2 years ago to see if Pavel fixed the issue. He did not. He may have by now, but there are many other 2.0 choices in the market now, and paying someone for a service that they do not maintain properly is off-putting to me. I would say, the first thing to check is the account creator. If that works, then you can consider it. But pricing is way high.

    The other thread-in-a-thread here is re: fresh domains. As I have been posting for a few years here, fresh domains are 100% good seo practice. Today's fresh domain is next year's superstar asset for your efforts. We all waste time and money looking for the next great service, myself included. Getting a competitive advantage is why we are here. I have been doing fresh domains for 10 years. Guess I have 10 year old PBN domains that are golden. Just start building them. Just to clarify, what I am talking about is buying the domain and self-hosting the domain, and manually loading content, images, etc. A real PBN. That is one thing you will never regret doing and worth every penny you spend. @shaun was kind enough in the past to share namecheap service which is awesome for buying domains. Can't beat $.88 for first year cost.

    Good luck all.
  • really appreciate it!
  • @shaun it depends. my pbn are using human readable content and not to blast links. Im aiming for long term success.
  • @shaun sorry if i didnt answer ur question, prob 1-3 months to see some results. but use good content for long term success.

    by good i mean at least 1000 words and when someone reads it, there is info value. manual spun.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    Haha wow, this Rankwyz public blog network sounds like just about the worst idea ever.
  • i dun understand, the founder is spending a lot of time on content marketing but seems like i have yet to see a good review. im tempted to try to be honest
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    Well, no real harm in giving it a try for a month and seeing what happens. Just don't be surprised by the shit support :)
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  • rankwyzrankwyz Toronto
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    hey, guys, 
    I can answer any of your questions, feel free to speak up, I've heard everything over time working online and it's hard to get me offended. 

    @Alden - RankWyz is not full of shit and I can stand for what we do, there is absolutely nothing unethical in how we provide our services. 

    We do our best working with all premium web2 sites - wordpress, tumblr, blogger and many others, but there are only so many high-end web2 sites and we do everything we can to add more... 

    for example, absolutely every web2 posting service supports (just an example) - indexed pages 250k, TF20, DA50 what is so bad about - indexed 43k, TF=16, DA47???

    RankWyz is not the service to blast as many web2s as possible, we're not stuck in 2006. With RankWyz our members can build a monitor their complete network of properties, whether they own it (web2 or PBN) or not - citations, directories, press releases, guest posts, backlink and interlink them. 

    RankWyz generates great and relevant content, the only service that builds content based on topics, not a mashup of keywords. And you can create a completely custom template combining content sources like - news, videos and videos, syndicated, feeds, twitter, pinterest, yelp (just added) and others. We generate over a million pieces of content every month, running several servers on the background.. How unethical is that? I understand if you don't care about content gen and still post spun articles but it doesn't work that well any longer. 

    We check indexing of over 4mil web2 and self-hosted domains every week, it's not an easy task, but we want to provide an option to post links _only_ on indexed blogs
    we check metrics for all blogs (web2 and pbn) moz, majestic and ahrefs with the exactly same reason - you can't build an authority network if you don't know metrics. We check ranking for all your properties so you can see when your network is ready for link building - because ultimately there is only one authority metric that is coming from Google is ranking. 

    Actual posting is probably the easiest part of what we do and should I remove everything mentioned above, RankWyz probably will be no much different from other web2 posting services. But we do it so I can tell with confidence that there is no other service that allows actually build authority network that monitors metrics, indexing, and ranking as RankWyz

    Couple of months ago we released our IFTTT application that is growing popular every day - you can easily connect any of you T1 properties with RankWyz for a backlinking and currently in the process of extending it to allow posting from RankWyz to tons of more premium sites - weebly, google sites, facebook and dozens and dozens of others supported by IFTTT. 

    Ok, now I"m all yours and open for a criticism :)
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @rankwyz - I'll take this opportunity to criticize you a bit, keeping it constructive because I've wanted something like your product for a long time, and I would genuinely like to be a paying customer one day :) Full disclosure, I have never been a paying customer. I did your free trial years ago, couldn't get past the learning curve and gave up.

    While I appreciate you taking the time to respond to this thread, it's telling that it took you over two weeks. About a year ago I was considering RankWyz, and I followed your sales thread on Black Hat World and noticed similar lags in response time. I even tried to contact you via your website with a sales question, and it was never answered. Your bhw sales thread is now closed.

    Why do I care? You may very well have the best product in the world, and I may very well be missing out by not using it, but I'll never try it given your unresponsiveness. It would be one thing if you were unresponsive and had a great reputation on these sort of forums, but it seems like the opposite is true. There are negative threads about RankWyz going back years, such as this one:

    In that thread you write: "I hear you and as I said - I realized that it will take long time to overcome negative feeling developed in the community." Part of overcoming that negative feeling is responding to your customers / prospects promptly.
  • rankwyzrankwyz Toronto
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    I agree (except to the part of the long response here - I don't monitor this  forum)
    and currently, we have the support team of 3, covering pretty much 24/7 
    feel free to ask any questions on our sites (both rankwyz and sitewyz) and you will get a response within an hour if not immediately. 

    Btw, regarding our shared networks - it's not a bad idea and while you definitely would not run a campaign directly to your client's site, it's a perfect for 3rd tier (and below). 
    There is no better bulk indexing (and we have integrated with 7 different services) than relevant and contextual post on web2 blogs. 
    When posting on shared network user can only supply links and content is generated by RankWyz based on the network's niche. This way we guarantee that blogs in the network have niche relevance. Considering you can have only a handful times posted links on the same web2 blog to the same site, what would be better - keep posting your links on 1000 web2 blogs or on 40,000 blogs (this is how many blogs we maintain on average for _each_ niche) shared between other members, as long as niche relevancy is guaranteed. 

    Also, there are few types of campaign you can run on shared networks for a money / client site, and these are campaigns Google currently doesn't have a penalty for. 
    1. no-follow links
    2. mentions / citations
    3. various embeds (youtube, google map, google doc)

    But, having said all above, the power (authority) is in building own network. It takes a time (and the shared networks are created exactly for those who have no time), but the rewards are 10-100x bigger. 
    With own network user can post own content and posting
     relevant content is what makes all difference. The content our ContentMill produces for is better than 95% of what you see posted on PBNs, no wonder so many lately claim that PBNs do not work, they do, but authority of the domain is no longer enough, you need lots of highly relevant content. 
    Generic article about "dentist" will not get your page ranking for "dentist in toronto", if your property is not ranking for a relevant term - it doesn't have an authority to pass to your money / client site. 

    Right now, I'm helping our member with the account, here is the network we setup about a month ago: 

    - 2k blogs, almost 6k indexed pages. If other service doesn't allow checking indexing and metrics of your properties how do you know when you are ready for a link building?

    Anyway, thank you for the opportunity to answer some of your concerns
    let me know if any other questions I can answer 
  • rankwyzrankwyz Toronto
    edited May 2017
    @Alden I checked the thread again and it looks like most you were frustrated with our account store. 

    We don't many any significant sales from account store because now there are so many other ways to get accounts and account store was something we developed long time ago. 

    you can get accounts 
    - complimentary monthly 
    - running desktop account creator (create as many as you want)
    - using web account creator - you don't need a vps, proxies, emails, just create 100-200 accounts a day, based on the plan (3000-6000 a month) - no extra charge

    And since you touched web2 domains we own - we developed another powerful and safe strategy for domains we control 
    1. build web2 network
    2. get it indexed and ranking for long-tail relevant keywords

    no linking to your site(s), just build an authority, post relevant content and authority links, move indexed / ranking blogs to another network

    3. bulk redirect 

    build hundreds web2 blogs and once that are ranking - 301 redirect them to money / client site. 

    Let me know if this is a "full of shit" strategy and if you can do it with any other service. 

    And last, you can create web2 networks on your own domains and easily create thousands of web2 blogs on domains you control

    let me know if you have any questions 
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @rankwyz - my comment about the shared network was based on what was written here earlier. I shouldn't have commented without first hand knowledge of what you built and how you're advising customers to use it. My bad.
  • @rankwyz

    To be honest I love what i see in your website (been following ur service for a while but didnt sign up).

    Note: I follow many differet seo services at a go and i usually wait a year or two to see who is surviving and who is releasing new features, this is quite a good gauge of which company has withstand the test of time (1 year is a long time in internet industry).

    you wrote "he content our ContentMill produces for is better than 95% of what you see posted on PBNs, no wonder so many lately claim that PBNs do not work, they do, but
    authority of the domain is no longer enough, you need lots of highly relevant content. "

    Can you share a sample of what you contentmill is doing? If its as what you have, i will sign up straightaway. Honestly the features of ur system are really what I need.

    I just need to know it works as claimed stably. I have thousands of dollars of subscription monthly and like many i believe we have been cheated of many.

    I sincerely hope you pay more attention to what people are talking about ur site as apparently this affect ur sales.

    Last but not least I think this thread is ranking for keywords related to "rankwyz" so guys let's not be hard on the founder and do an objective assessment on this.

    Everyone who is making an honest living should be given a chance.

    Looking forward to your reply rankwyz and im really to sign up. The contentmill is something i desperately need. Manual writing is extremely expensive and i cant scale

  • go for ranker x mate.. you wont look back
  • @golflover

    im using rankerx (without the private blogs for now), using rankerx alone seems to get sites to page 2 only.

    am i missing something?
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @hardcorenuker - getting to page 2 with these cheap automated links alone is good. You just need some stronger, more expensive links to finish the job. Not sure how RankWyz accomplishes that tbh.
  • hardcorenuker 

    it depends on your niche, If its stuck in 2nd page seems it needs more power to your backlinking profile.  

    why not to get links from pbn and you build lower tiers to rx links with ser ?

    do that too.
  • @redrays

    thanks a lot guys!

    im using pbn to push them into first page. :)
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