Feature Request: Better Niche Handling

Hey There,

It would be awesome if we could supply multiple niches in a project. For example, I have a giant directory of text files that have lots of niche specific keywords. It would be awesome if I could supply the text file, then specify the output where I want the matches to go. Ideally, it would be great to specify multiple sets of keywords as well. This would have a lot of benefits versus the current system of creating a project for each niche:
  • It would be easier than creating a new project each time.
  • It would allow the programmatic update of niche relevant keyword. (For example, updating the source text with a different piece of software would allow PI to immediately start checking sites with the new keywords).
  • And most importantly, websites would only need to be crawled once then compared to the list, rather than repeated crawling for each project.
I think this idea would save a ton on server resources. I created a little mock up of how I picture it:



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