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Blog Comments On Drupal

Just saw this mentioned on a thread on BHW..

If you look at "Method 2: Leaky Drupal Blog Comments", it says that the comments on drupal articles are mostly dofollow and mostly autoapprove too..

Would there be any chance of adding a feature of being able to comment on drupal blogs on ser?!

Thanks :)


  • you are not the first asking about this and today i started to code this, but it seems to be a lot more work than i hoped for :/
  • Ah i see, thanks for the reply anyway sure would be a nice addition if it could be added anyway :)
  • Wow, Well that was a good read.  :)  Thanks for sharing it here Heisenberg. ;) 
  • Ye interesting stuff alright.. wouldn't mind being able to access those links myself! :P
  • edited February 2013
    Now that i've read that and had a chance to think about that article some more.   Wouldn't that prove right there.  That blasting your money site is ok to do?   Along with blog comments as well?

    I dunno about you guys but i've tried the payday loan niche and it was HARD.   I think I broke maybe the 6th page  but that was about as far as I moved up.
  • Thanks @heisenberg Nice information and nice nick + pic lol.. @hunar for how long you blast and how many links to reach page 6, you used mixed platforms or just blogs?
  • @rodol this was before SER had came out that I tried to rank for this. :)
  • I wouldn't get into Payday loans now, a few years ago maybe, but they'll be regulated more and more with the unsavory types running the show.

    @hunar this article says at the beginning that the results change daily. linking to moneysite in BC is too risky IMO for long-term plans.
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