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GSA SER practical ranking question for safe link building

Hello all,

I am still a learning user of GSA SER, I have some intermediate knowledge about SEO and still improving. I would like to ask the more experienced members in the house on some practicalities relating to ranking safe using GSA SER. Kindly take some time to help me and others answer these vital questions. I have structured the question below:

1) Is it still safe to use GSA SER on money site in 2017?
2) If yes, which platform on GSA is best for safe link building, For example, Tier 1, lets say i use contextual links,?
3) Which platform should i concentrate on scraping and link-building on, under the ARTICLE and SOCIAL NETWORK moodle ?
4) How do you measure the quality of the link being built using PR emulator, what are the metrics you considered quality for safe link building to a money site or is there other way to measure the quality of the links?
5) How can i integrate the PR emulator to GSA SER to do the job well?
Thanks so much in answering this questions in advanced.


  • shaunshaun
    1 - It depends what you are doing but in my opinion yes.
    2 - I have a bunch of testing going right now but I would say contextual is still the best.
    3 - In my opinion take a little time and work out the platforms with the most do follow and then filter your footprints as explained here.
    4 - I don't use metrics.
    5 - As above.
  • Of course it is I know a few very advanced SEO consultants who use it on all their projects. HOWEVER, you have to really understand the platform and really use top quality text spinners like WordAI and SpinRewriter. Usually, GSA is now used for Tier 2 and Tier 3 backlinks feeding juice to the Tier 1's created either manually or by RankerX or FCS Networkers there's a few. But essentially if you have Scrapebox + GSA SER + RankerX(FCS/MoneyRobots/etc) you are set. The only issue is the learning curve, my suggestion, go out and watch a 60minute YT video (created within the last year) of how to "Build Tier 1 Backlinks with GSA SER" they will guide you through exactly how to drive Tier 1 backlinks to your money site with GSA only, Matthew Woodward has amazing tutorials very long and detailed but when your done you will fully understand how you can still GAME THE S*** out of Google, you just have to take some extra steps and spend some extra money. But once you have that set up and know how to use it, you can make money on SEO markets just by creating links on autopilot. Just check out the link above and also these that are helpful SEOKhan guide to Tier 1 link building & you can download iNetSolutions actual updated project settings right into SER & they step-by-step tutorial to go along with it. Follow those, watch the Matthew Woodward videos and you will become a Sith Apprentice.
  • Have you also checked Matthews new project how to create the most powerful backlink on the planet ? You can get a  Private blog network certification if you follow his course.

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