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I think rankerX is a fraud company please be beware of him

I feel rankerX is a fraud company. I have contacted it's online chat support. The person who connected me over there , who replied me idiotic manner I don't know why he is stressed a lot to answer people like me who is not able to understand English itself I myself use translator to chat with them but the way he moved,way of behaves hurt me a lot. I have contacted many customer cares but no one reacted  cheaply like this. I think he will vanish out soon. Many people say that he is a great software that and this but still this site some page not working. rankerx_1 this skype ID not response.
I have attached his conversation too.please BHW members get a meaningful solution for this.


  • shaunshaun
    I have never been shy to share my opinion on RankerX, it had tons of potential back when its BSTs first turned up and in my opinion, it just hasnt moved forward and lacks basic features.

    That being said I have never had the impression the owner was a fraudster in anyway or had any intention of doing anything like that.

    The chat convo is too small for me to read but are you saying you feel he is committing fraud because he was blunt with you in a support ticket?
  • jonesphilip49jonesphilip49 New York
    edited January 2017
    I also have never had the impression the owner was a fraudster.  I used RankerX to blast youtube video and my website about 6 months ago and for now. I have no problem with RankerX supporter, They are so quick to solve any issue that I come across.

  • HinkysHinkys - Catchalls for SER - 30 Day Free Trial
    DISCLAIMER: I haven't used RankerX, this is just an opinion from a fellow service provider.

    So, I've just read the chat. You come asking for support (which uses english) by using translate because of your english skills. Ok, I appreciate that some people do this but you should have more patience if you're doing it this way. Some of your thoughts might not read as you think they are.

    That's as far as I'll go being nice..

    In the first 10 minutes of the chat, you're being replied to every minute but you've "rated the conversation Bad" and commented "not getting a proper response from your support".

    What? Really? They haven't dropped everything they're doing and IMMEDIATELY bent over backwards to help you? Oh how could they! /s

    Half of your questions I don't even understand.

    First you ask if the articles generated are 100% unique. The chat guy links you a example site so you can see for yourself. And then you ask "okay... can you tell me how its functions?" What does that even mean??

    Again, I appreciate the fact you're not an english speaker but that question doesn't mean anything and you need to keep that in mind when chatting with their support. Some things may not translate properly and you shouldn't be busting their balls about it.

    And then you're pestering the guy on the chat support about why the developer hasn't connected to you. What does he have to do with that?

    I'm usually a relatively tolerant person and I love to help out people but after a couple of minutes of that chat I'd be furious. You vaguely ask for help in setting RankerX up, you get sent to a youtube video and then you're demanding that somebody set it up for you?

    How he responded might not be professional but it's understandable and now you're slandering them calling them "frauds". It's pathetic. How about you focus on making money instead of this? But if you need to be babysitted and require people to do things for you, you're probably not getting very far in this business. 
  • jonesphilip49
    I don't know what is the link between back linking for youtube videos, I never heard this kind of back linking for video, From this it self I came to know how you are using rankerX.

    There no explanation for the what you are saying after studying that conversation I don't know whether you have humanity or not.

  • shaunshaun
    Link your blackhatworld thread, I want to see how this went down over there. I had a look but couldn't see it.
  • I also don't know anything about him, coz of his behaviour only and saying he is a fraud.

    He has given a skype ID to communicate with him for past 5 days I am connecting him but I did get any response from him. and on his online chart he behavius very rudly I have given proof are that. And he has not completed his site fully
    So I have decided he is a fraud. When he shutdown you all guys will come to know about me. Supporter of rankerX be happy 
  • shaunshaun
    Just out of curiosity, what's your native language?
  • jonesphilip49jonesphilip49 New York
    edited January 2017

    Are you newbie in SEO? I read your history

    "Again, I appreciate the fact you're not an english speaker but that question doesn't mean anything and you need to keep that in mind when chatting with their support. Some things may not translate properly and you shouldn't be busting their balls about it."

  • I am surprised that the support guy was patient enough to chat to you when you were just talking nonsense. If I were him, I would have stopped after a few message lol
  • Well that was an entertaining read

    it's what @Hinkys said and probably a whole lot more and trust me, Hinkys understands customer service, he runs a A+ operation.

    I'll give you one thing though and that's the Ranker X support is poor. I don't use the product myself only ever taken out a trial but I do have the developer on Skype and he's never around so if their support is pointing people in that direction then there's going to be problems.

  • BHW admin has found that rankerX is using fake account to pump the post.
    I have already informed BHW Admin that rankerX is a fraud.
    I have understood him very early soon you all will come to know.

  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    RankerX has been running fake accounts here and on the bhw forum for ages. Just have a look at @codyjason for one example :)

    I still don't understand how RankerX is a fraud though - the software works as advertised.
  • Rankerx is not a fraud but they are terrible when it comes to support. They are also foolish because they don't have a forum that they promised months ago. Don't they think it would be a good idea for their users to have a community to discuss their product. and as you all know, a forum will reduce the amount of support required because member will answer questions.

    They also promise the world  but never deliver. 6 months ago I was told that they would implement some simple features and they are still not done. I doubt they will ever be done.
  • shaunshaun
    Anyone else getting this error from RX since last night?

  • @shaun yes. I must install RX again.
  • @shaun I followed the post on BHW. This is what I did:

    I uninstalled the software. And I download the installer from their homepage and install it again .
  • shaunshaun
    Cheers guys I will give it a bash later :).
  • The dev said his thread is closed temporarily. He said he's trying to get it off suspension but idk how long it will be. 

    I love RankerX and I use it almost every day. Imo it's the fastest, highest success rate web2.0 software. I scrape and add my own sites as well.

    My only complaint is that it doesn't support DAS. Money Robot makes it easy to do the DAS method but it's very slow and doesn't have nearly as many other features as RankerX. I still use MR quite a bit though.

    @ kattupoochi - Stop being a turd. 
  • arc323
    Every one know that you are gunine..
  • Maybe You should use a better translator, You conversation above makes no sense. IE: "but no one reacted  cheaply like this. I think he will vanish out soon." "great software that and this but still this site some page not working." Your Answer From Him was most likey VERY Nice as he has always been to me. You Translation software seems to be a Big Mess!
  • Tim89Tim89
    Is this thread still going on? 

    In all fairness from my perspective as a service owner to another, When RankerX was fairly new to the scene, I spoke with the owner/developer and he seemed totally legit and perfectly fine to me.. I even use RankerX for some of my campaigns and no problems on my side, I just hope RankerX doesn't suffer from this thread.

    @fng I can understand your frustration when it comes to introducing new features/suggestions but believe me, if it's not a simple tweak to be changed, then adding a entire new feature to a platform that is live currently and working is quite difficult to do alongside managing any bugs that are currently within the system. 

    A forum would probably be the best point forward for the owner, however, forums' are so much work when getting started as well as maintaining it.. not everyone on a forum is helpful, you get plenty of lurkers that do not help a single bit, This forum is probably one of the best when it comes to communities and users helping users but this community didn't grow over night.
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