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0.1 LPM and 0 VPM

Please help me. I am getting almost 0 lpm and in the last 5 hours of testing I've only got 3 verifications and 100 submits. what could be the issue?

I am attaching the screenshots




  • Proxies burnt out?
  • Proxies seem to be working fine. 
  • shaunshaun
    edited January 2017
    Are they public proxies or private?
    Are you using a premium list or self scraped?

    • You have two settings set to ask you for various responses.
    • Having web 2.0 selected ain't helping you keep speed up.
    • Reverifying your backlinks every 60 mins is too short of a time period even with a small link count and will slow you down.
    • Retrying domains 10 times can be a good option if you have filtered your list correctly but with a regular premium or scraped list I would have it higher.
    • You have 24 search engines selected to scrape, my theory is the search engines back end can workout hits from the same proxies so hits on and both count towards the same limit for a softban on a proxies. I cant see the search engines you have selected but this could have something to do with slowing down too.
    • Looks like you maybe have a USA/EU country filter one? That also massivly reduces the number of possible links available for the tool.
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