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[Tutorial] Web 2.0 - How to code a Web 2.0 engine (Noob Friendly)



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    Edit: answered my own question
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    Ok so thanks a bunch sven for that tip... On this web 2.0 ... I have followed your directions and I have it successfully extracting the URL from within the admin page ... however when I see the URL in the GSA link window where you see the verified links I'm getting a weird output like: hxxp:// <--- where my link is

    Any idea what I am missing? Thanks! Almost there!
  • ^^ for anyone wondering. I solved that problem by adding remove html=1

    only problem now is it's still picking up some text at the end...still working on that
  • so you remove html tags that is links ?

    so it just not allow links?
  • can i use remove html in [*step*]?
  • ^^ I used it in the setup section of the engine

    Like this: 

    remove html=1


    verify url=% verify_url%

    but it's still picking up some text at the end... so not sure what that's about yet.
  • OzzOzz
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    so the link begins with "Link:" and ends with "logout"?

    in other words the text in the source is like "Link:hxxp://example.tld/user/page-of-post/logout"? this would strip out everything from "front=" to "back=" so you end with a verification link of "hxxp://example.tdl/user/page-of-post/".
  • aren't these supposed to be coded by the developer team ?
    we are paying money for earning time not doing things manually
    if he is not enough, he should hire more people
  • OzzOzz
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    shut the fuck up. if someone has interest in coding and creating platforms by his own than we should be glad that we are able to do it by our own.

    you need to see this tool more from an open source perspective. Sven gave us a huge tool box and we can do with it whatever we want.
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    Yeah ComputerEngineer, Beat it... If you don't enjoy using GSA you're a minority. It's awesome right out of the box... I am just trying to learn how to create engines so I can share some eventually and Ozz and Sven have been great even after all of their own tasks and work.
  • SvenSven
    Wise words Ozz :)
  • ComputerEngineer 
    The "developer team" didn't have to put Web 2.0 into GSA. For a one off price, you're getting a good deal. Web 2.0's are tricky as their interfaces are constantly changing, so need constant maintenance. 
    Sven also updates the software very regularly, so there's nothing to complain about.

  • There is a platform I want to use footprint is Ground(ctrl)... has anyone created the code for this?  I would probably pay someone for their trouble...
  • Uhm see above.
  • Ground (CTRL) is already scripted. you find it in "Social Networks".
  • pawelpawel Poland
    Hi, I dont have skills and time to create engines on my own ;D so Im here to ask if anybody has engine for GSA SER Im interested in buiyng it. If not, maybe you have contact to someone who can create Engine for me. It wuold be awesome. contact me PM or skype: lance_1231

    Best Regards
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    You know what would be the best software / program ever for black hatters like us ? 
    I would pay a lot of money for it !!! 

    It would be a combination of the sites above you showed me "how GSA works, to script to post to an engine" but with the interface and existing tools of "jitbit macro recorder" 

    That peace of software is legendary !

    it can seriously scan a site on images and connect scripts to "if" commands. 

    for example i make a screenshot image of the "post comment" blue button under this page.
    and check the box "IF image found" 
    and than continue my script with mouse clicks, keystrokes, images etc.. whatever I want to do with it.

    This tool is legendary because It has saved me soo many time with the most simplest things.
    For example I wanted to download a game, and the torrents were allmost dead for this game.
    So i found an entire list of 300 zippyshare links. 

    so I wrote a script

    If image found " and selected the download button" place mous on it
    delay 2 seconds
    delay 4 seconds (for the page to load)
    If image found " and selected the zippyshare big red / brown downlaod buttons" place mouse on it
    delay 2 seconds 
    than I just selected a custom (pixel) X (pixel) to place the mouse on. and it was directly placed on the x of that zippyshare tab (which instantly brings me to the downlaod page with 300 zippys again
    delay 2 seconds
    scroll down 0,2 times
    and repeat 0 (infinite)

    I seriously left the computer for 45 minutes and it had downloaded all zippyshare links.

    this is just an example to give.. I have used similar method for addmefast, youlikehits, like4like.. and it's undetectable ofcourse. unlike some other scripts that are available + this is way more fun to make :) 
    optimizing your script to make it faster etc..

    the down side is its not made for blackhat, but if someone could create such a simple tool, with simple examples / functions.. we would all be bad-ass self developing black hat scripters.

    You could even create your own Email creators with it. 
    Jitbit is like 80% finished for doing just that, theres only no support for spin-syntaxes.. no support for captchas.. etc..

    Other than that it's basically 80% there what I have visioned for a new great black hat tool. 

    (and please dont tell me it's already there, its called botchief.. or other crap like that, tried them all, they are garbage compared to the simplicity of jitbit macro recorder) try it out yourself.. theres easy one to find on torrents. and if ya like it support them :)

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