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Drip feed if supported

What is the use of "Drip feed if supported"??


  • shaunshaun
    I'm not 100% sure but I would imagine not all indexing service APIs support drip feeding for some reason so thats what the tickbox is for.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Indeed, what shaun said, some indexing services do not have the drip feeding functionality via API, this feature would compensate for that, I'm not sure exactly how though.
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    edited January 2017
    I'm using "GSA SEO Indexer" Service 
    Shall I tick this option?
  • shaunshaun
    It doesnt matter, GSA SEO Indexer doesnt index anything :p
  • SvenSven
    Once you enable this box, the drip-feed option is used on indexing service apis.
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    Which is recommend settings??
  • shaunshaun
    There are no recommended settings, it depends on your strategy.

    Some of my tests right now are based around building the whole three tiers in a week or so and then sending them to my indexing service to be drip fed over xx days. Some of my other projects are being built over the span of 30 or 60 days with their verifieds going streight to the indexing service to be processed although this is a mistake as its wasting a whole bunch of credits with the indexing service due to link loss but I am thinking of making holding projects to hold the links for a week or so, reverify them and then send them to the indexer.
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