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Campaign setup suggestion

Hi to all and happy new year.

I want to setup a new campaign for my business to rank some sub domains,  all site categories are sub domains , for example domain is and i use my categories as,, I want to rank for keywords black color, red color , green color etc. For that reason i choose to work with sub domains.  How i should setup the Campaign in GSA , at the moment i have almost 38 categories, should i create 38 different projects in GSA (?) what is the better way to do it.

Any advice will be helpful,

Best  regards


  • First off I suggest not building sub domains. I believe every sub domain is treated as its own unique domain and that means each category of color won't give its full link juice to each other. Second yea you should build links for each category seperately
  • shaunshaun
    Pretty much what angrykor said, if possible I would keep them all on the same domain and just use different posts for each keyword.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Using subdomains can have its benefits.. if you have the link building resources and you're properly making use of the linking structure of your website to make sure juice is flowing to important pages.

    As angrykor said, each page would need its own SEO done to it so bare in mind you'll need to do a lot of SEO in order to get things moving upwards (this is where your internal linking structure comes into play).

    Just because you're using or wanting to use sub domains, it doesn't mean you can not harness the juice that your main domain has.
  • Thank you for reply guys,

    the basic thought was the sub domain to be exactly as the targeted keyword. That was the main reason that i decide to word with sub domains.

    so in my mind was ideally beside relative to my target keyword content  to have and relative url as my main domain help to this direction.

    (target keyword : red color , domain : + contend relative to red color.)

     Probably was not a good thought (?)

    I want to keep it like this now, because already i have pay Wildcard SSL much more expensive as you know, and i have modify my wordpress site to have my categories in subdomain..... i am kind of disappointed now after you told me all that....

    Anyway thank you all for your time and your response.
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