GSA Link lists mastermind group (Need 10 people to join)

Hello all,

I am a user of GSA SER and have been hanging around this forum for quite some time. I have quite an OK knowledge about GSA and SEO. For some time now, i have been trying to build backlinks with GSA by buying links from private sellers. Unfortunately, i have not been much satisfied with the quality of links i buy as most of the sellers sell them to many buyers who spam the hell out of this links and i have some feelings that most of these sellers are not selling their best GSA links but using for their own project.

I have been reading about the needs to build one's own GSA links as the only viable solution to build quality backlinks. Due to the fact that there is a bit of money involved and also some level of experience, i would like to create a mastermind groups where experienced and learners of GSA SER who would like to build and create QUALITY GSA SER link lists together.

For this masterminds, we need 10 people who are willing to invest at least $50 each for this project. $500 total budget. Below are what we would be needing

Gscraper ...... $68
Gscraper Proxy subscription: $66/month
Dedicated Server... $100
Knowledge of scraping and running GSA SER
reCaptcha subscription.... $100

This way, we can combine ideas, experience and knowledge while we build quality links for our GSA SER project while also exchanging strategy for the common goals. If anyone is interested in this, please indicate in the thread, i will be creating a Skype mastermind group for this when i see those interested.



  • shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
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    You don't need GScraper or its subscription, scrapebox is plenty, depending what you are doing I would recommend GSA PI.

    I am actually doing a very similar test but 100% self-funded, keep an eye on this thread as I will post a link to it there once it is complete.
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    I just recently set up everything similar to what you have outlined. Im using scrapebox to scrape with the automator -> platform identifier to sort -> gsa ser pulling platform identifiers sorted urls through global. You only need scrapebox or gscraper. You dont need both. Plus i dont think u need a proxy subscription. You can simply use semi dedicated proxies and scrape at a lower speed. 

    As for a dedicated server. you can try they have cheaper servers than 100$. and i doubt you need a recaptcha sub. Most of them dont work well.
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    Thanks for your comment, i am looking for someone we can both combine ideas and divide the workload and expenses together. I don't want to do it alone. I have school and other things taking my time. If any of you guys would like to involve me in your project, we can split the expenses. Otherwise, other guys who are still interested can indicate their interest so we do it together...
  • 1234876675412348766754 Utrecht
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    I'll keep an eye on this thread, if more folks are interested.

  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
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    Same, I'm interested depending on the other members who come on board.
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    Thanks guys for your interest. We have already gotten 3 people interested including me. Hopefully more guys would join. Let's see.
  • thepinkishthepinkish Algeria
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    I am here to check BST for grab few lists also i have been building my own list with hrefer and gscraper.  now i really need few quality lists or outsource cause it damn costly with proxies and huge drop of hrefer lpm . it's annoying and headach.

    btw i'll throw few bucks here as well...after trying few providers..once use Bst seller here and it was great but that was year ago.

  • sagesage In Front Of My Computer
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    I am interested and would like to hear more about the detail.
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    I'm interested but I think you can shave some costs off of the budget with some modifications to the system.  But combining ideas is why you created the group :)
  • sunny8sunny8 bangalore
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