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indexification service

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i got an issue with that new indexer service indexification...maybe someone has an idea?

i´ve added the provided api key and activated that indexer service in gsa ser. i also activated "send verified links to indexer service" and "GSA Seo Indexer" and of course "other indexer".

my issue is: it doesn´t sent any urls to the indexification api. since more than 24 hours no link. i also have tried to put manuel an link list to indexification...and seems to work. so i dont know what im doing wrong #:-(


  • SvenSven
    To be honest I have added there system blindly as they didn't provide any test api for me. If you want, please leave your api key in pm and I do some testing (would just need like 10 URLs max to send).
  • I just signed up for this new service. It's a fair bit cheaper than lindexed ($15 / month via BHW) and it seems to be working. I just input my api key on the options page of SER and off it went...very easy. I just checked my indexification dashboard and it's received a couple of hundred URLs from SER and they look good.

    Had to do something...SEO Indexer was killing my VPS.
  • filescape

    Do you have a link for their service
  • hmmmm.... just wondering if there would be a footprint from this? Like they say they put the links on their sites? Has anyone had experience over a longer period of time?
  • Footprints would not matter. Anything that they do is just backlinks to your backlinks. It is similar to other services...Linklicious...etc.

    You won't find anyone with "experience over a longer period" with this company. They have only been out a month or two.
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    I am giving indexification indexing service  a try and will see how it works but so far I like it and it has good support. Every question I asked has got a answer quickly. The web interface is easy to use. You can also export reports at the end of every project. Full disclosure my link is an affiliate link :-)
  • Full disclosure would be to say your link is an affiliate link! doh
  • Fair play to ya!  ;)
  • I have been using it for a couple of weeks, over 24k verified links sent through. I will do some testing this weekend to see how my indexing rates have improved since using it.

    It took a while when I first used it for the links to show up, but, since that first day it is receiving links all the time.
  • I'm looking for an indexing service so very interested in your finding thanks guys.
  • I just signed up about an hour ago, it seems to be working OK:

    Links Live 504
    Links Crawled 395
    Crawl Rate 78.37%
    I'm wondering if I should even bother using the SEO Indexer program in conjunction with this since it can't keep up with the amount of links SER generates. The indicator reads 1082/226827
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    @thestig try using Quick Indexer mode and "Only Sites that can Deep Index Links".  That makes it a lot faster and can almost keep up with me.
  • @Brandon thanks that helped
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    I purchased GSA indexer and had it running on Quick indexer with "only sites that can deep index links" but I still found it used to much horse power and affected my SER ability. So I have gone to indexification service. So far I like it but will review in a few weeks.

    One solution is to run the indexer on a separate computer.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    I'm running both Indexer and indexification...I'm not sold on either product as I haven't seen great results in my testing.
  • If they're on par with Lindexed in index % could be a nice way to save a few $ monthly. Looking forward to your results @Velocity
  • I've moved GSA Indexer out to a separate VPS and its taken a load off of my main one. The VPS costs less than the index services so I'll see how it performs in this setup before considering adding them in.
  • @Mitch never thought about doing it that way. About how long does it take per link on it's own VPS?
  • @saga planning to move over verifieds in bulk to index at the weekend so will update stats next week. Just know GSA SER on my main vps is flying now compared to earlier in the week. LpM went from sub 2 to 20+ and not hitting 99% cpu usage anywhere like it was and the VPS is performing much better generally.
  • JamesJames
    Not sure if you are aware of the discount for GSA users.

    I am currently using them, and everything seems great. Switched from Lindexed to these guys.


    And no I am not affiliated with these guys, I just asked Sven to integrate it and asked for a discount from indexification for GSA users.
  • After about a week I am finding I have a higher rate of indexing using this service approx 2-3 times higher. Do any of you guys use indexing on Tier I... I have not but wondering after every effort to get tier one indexed would you put them through a service like this?
  • Would anyone else like a way to automatically resend links to indexing service of your choice after certain parameters were met....
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    @Mitch I found the same thing...Indexer was taking up about 25% of my CPU on a dual 3.2 GHZ VPS.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Brandon - how many threads of SER vs how many threads of guess is your running about 3x SER threads to 1 Indexer thread.
  • any updates on this thread?
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    I moved a whole bunch of verified non-indexed links this week to Indexer on my second VPS. Still moving over the links so no results yet but its been a definite improvement on performance to separate them out.
    Indexer is now running flat out.

    I am also using second VPS to run Spyder Backlink Monitor to index, PR check and control multi-tier links for each project. It may not be as quick as ScrapeBox to do this but again I can just leave it running on second VPS.

    It does mean setting aside a couple of hours a week to reverify all
    projects, move into Spyder Backlink Monitor, check index then move
    non-indexed into Indexer. But that's a coupe of hours I also use to
    review GSA SER settings, tidy up things, etc.

    Also moved over PowerSuite's Rank Checker so main VPS now just for ScrapeBox and GSA SER and flying. I've seen a massive improvement for an extra $16 pcm.
  • I agree with Brandon's advice.....use the Quick Indexer mode and "Only Sites that can Deep Index Links" and your GSA Indexer will fly through links in no time. Disclaimer- have yet to check success rates.

    @Jamese - don't see any discount from the link you provided.

    My Indexing Setup

    I have a separate laptop setup specifically for Indexer. I dedicate one day once a week to indexing all links on this program under the settings mentioned above (Brandon comment). That's usually more than enough time to get my links indexed through Indexer.
    After several weeks, I run a index check on SB on all links run through Indexer. Whichever ones left that are not indexed are run through Lindexed or Linkalicous via Fiverr!! I only find myself needing to utilize indexing services 1-2 times per month when using Indexer, so why pay the monthly fee? $5 a month for someone to do it for me via Fiverr will save you some chump change in the long run, which definately adds up.

    I'd love to hear some of the results from the NEW service of Indentification, as it is brand new and there are A LOT more reputable indexing services that have more reputation over time.

  • This is interesting. You want high % of links indexed yet you set indexer to "quick mode". Think about what you are asking.
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