1Captchas Recaptcha (30%) and Image OCR + Text Captcha Solver OPEN BETA!

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Hey guys!

A few of you may have seen us talking about our new Recaptcha OCR over the last few months. Its finally ready for public beta - but we've added a few other things to.

Inside we have...

1. Recaptcha OCR with around a 35% solve rate on new streetsign captcha types. (To our knowledge only 1 other service can solve these right now.)

2. 90% solve rate on traditional no blob, blob, and double blob recaptchas

3. Image recognition for over 2200 other captcha types

4. An included text-captcha solver

5. A user panel showing the last 150 image AND text captcha solves, along with a handy counter to let you know total captcha solves.

We still have a TON of work to do before releasing this service to the general public, both with improving our existing OCRs, and adding new image types.

In the mean time, were ready to start taking feedback and stress testing our servers.

Participating in our beta is completely free, and we ask for nothing but your participation in our Skype group chat - so we can improve our service.

If your interested, please post here or send me a PM and I'll get you setup with an account. Were only looking for around 40 beta-testers, so at some point we will have to stop giving access keys out.


-Jordan and the 1Captchas / 1Linklist team


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