Attention! No targets to post to (no site list enabled, no url extraction chosen, no scheduled post

I got this message 2 min after starting the project. i I am only using SERengins and therefore I have disabled all search engines followed this ONLY tutorial about it. What went wrong? Any thoughts?


  • I think you need to re-read the tutorials and figure out what each option does first. If you don't have a sitelist you need to have search engines enabled to find targets. Having the serengines is just picking the type of platforms you want to create.
  • shaunshaun
    Ignore it, you don't use site lists with SERE, even V1.

    If you aint getting verified then its probably a proxy, captcha service or email account issue.
  • Ah right sorry about that didn't realize it was ser engines. Shaun is right
  • I use chakall from seospartans for emails, 20 semd private poxies from and I have GSA captcha breaker I thought that would be enough.
  • shaunshaun
    Nah its not, for web 2 you need real email accounts and a human captcha service.
  • So that's the issue and I don't have to turn the search engines on?

    Can you please recommend a good emails provider? I am thinking of using DBC for captchas

  • shaunshaun
    I would recommend 2 captcha over DBC some people use blazing seos emails I get mine off fiverr when I need them though.
  • Is that I didn't see emails purchase option, proxies look cheap though, have you tried them?

    Can you please share a recommended fiverr seller,

    also what about this guy: In this thread

  • Ok, I see was IMbandit before..I have used them in the past, however he is saying that its now partnered with this website and he recommends buying the email accounts trough them. My question is which option would be best? There are many...

    Thank you
  • shaunshaun
    Mate they are like $10 per few hundred, if you cant afford that to do some tests this is not the game for you...
  • mich158mich158 Zamunda
    edited January 2017
    shaun when I was spending thousands on SEO few years back you havent probably heard about link building yet, Soooou if you want  to help then ok if not noone is asking about your irrelevant opinion jeezussss
  • shaunshaun
    There is a difference between an irrelevant opinion and not being told what you want to hear snowflake.
  • mich158mich158 Zamunda
    edited January 2017
    yea ok...thanks

    Please do not reply to my threads or questions anymore, if you don't have something erotic, positive or helpful to say. If you don't know how to help at least don't get on the way! I hope you are not from those people who in order to look taller chop the heads of others.

    Anyway neither I or anyone from this forum came here to read nonsense, we are all here to help each other, share and run our businesses.

    Now that we have that issue addressed lets get serious and get back to the topic;

    Running SERengines project still the same message is appearing

    Running with 10 private proxies from buyproxy
    GSA captcha breaker + 2captcha
    1000 fresh yahoo POP accounts from
    Search engines chosen (Only Spanish ones)

    Any help will be much appreciated

  • shaunshaun
    Read my first three replies in this thread and my five replies in your thread here all I did was help you until you wanted soon feeding but as you request I wont help you anymore.

  • Yes I admit your answers are helpful, but I don't understand why you had to say the other thing about the game and what not, that was offensive, don't you agree?

    Please understand that you are going to get back what you are giving away, if you give kindness and love and wealth you will get more back in return, the same is true in the opposite, if you give hostility, indifference and meanness you will get more back in return, I apologize if I offended you in some way but I said that in response to your comment above. Are we good?

    Peace :)
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