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Ning platform and verifications

edited February 2013 in Need Help
So how are you guys doing with Ning?

I just noticed I had 50.000 submissions and 0 verifieds. I only use CB, so no recapcha. Anyone else having a better verified number without DBC?


  • 5 verified, delete this engine from GSA :-)
  • ronron
    edited February 2013
    Kill that engine. And claus, do what we have been telling everybody to do - look at each engine and the stats to make an intelligent decision on what engines to use, and not to use. You'll get rid of the dogs that way, and you will make a lot more verified links. So don't just stop at Ning.
  • So I should delete engine with less than 100 verified (of course if other engine have more than 1k verified)
  • Actually that's what I'm doing ron - but you are totally right. I should have posted this is in the thread about optimizing LpM btw. sorry for that.

    Thumbs up to both of you.
  • dudzlok, I'm not sure if you should kill it. Only if you have a ton of submissions and fails - with low % of verifieds to show for.

    In my example - 50.000 submissions 0 verifieds. Kill it - as you both say :-)
  • So when in submitted (article dashboard) I have 434 but in verified i can't see dashboard results so it was 0 verified links of dashoboard?
  • Why are you hijacking all threads ?
  • If somebody have this same problem like me I just join to the topic. It's normal..
  • dudzlok I would kill it then. No doubt.
  • That sucks.  :(  Another great engine gone in SER.  They Dwindle more and more each day. :(
  • Its possible to download/add new engines ?
  • It is for sure but you'd have to script them yourself.  there's a whole guide on how to script new engines.   YOu'd have to do some searching around but ozz put out a quite a few guides on exactly how to do it.   + if you go to Start -> All Programs -> GSA Search Engine Ranker -> Script Language Documentation is a quick Guide in there. ;)
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Trouble makers hijacking threads.

    Wonder where you guys got the idea from about killing poor yield engines :D


    Time + effort + hijacking threads = bad name like LeeG :D

  • OzzOzz
    edited February 2013
    "Another great engine gone in SER.  They Dwindle more and more each day."

    <-- maybe it needs some optimisation. monitor the submission process first with the debugger, report everything you notice to sven and send him some examples where you think something went wrong. apart from that its a recaptcha engine which is to avoid if you don't use any 2nd services for captcha solving.
    also keep in mind that some engines are very limited in target URLs, because they don't get used such often. you simple don't get more target URLs than you have scraped after a while.
    another thing everybody can do is to provide some better footprints for scraping. there is so much everyone can do to optimise every engine.

  • Anyone know why Ning is not working?
  • I'd love to collect and send all that info to Sven,  But would it be used?   Sven already seems like he's got his plate full already with everything going on.  I'd hate to bog him down with more stuff.  ;(

    I think ning had changed their platform.  cause when it was first released I got great results from it.  while using a service such as Image Typerz.  after a while though I stopped getting any type of results so tells me that ning prolly changed up something to stop the submissions or whatever.   I'm hoping that James service will be able to update these engines and also add new ones.  But who knows when that would be.  

    I'm trying to find a programer that would be able to add engines and keep them updated  but i'm totally clueless as where to look.

    I used to outsource a lot to PH.   But I had nothing but horrible results.   Anyone else have any suggestions? :)
  • @Hunar

    We 're in the same boat. I tried to find a programmer to do the job but I miserably failed. So I gave up and I settled on waiting for James service or @sven's platform trainer. Whichever comes first!!. : )
  • @ LeeG I hope it's not me that's a troublemaker? :) As I wrote earlier - I should have posted this topic in the LpM thread. Your succes had me looking at the succesrates of different engines.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Im hiding from Ozz, Im not lurking

    What would be a nice feature in the future would be an engine share feature, similar to the captcha share feature in CB when the trainer gets added to ser

  • @lee again,  Another great idea.  =D
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    I think Ozz will agree its a good idea. Im sure he would hope others would join in the hiding game

    Oh, you mean sharing the platforms :D

    I have my occasional moments

  • SvenSven
    Noone uses the Share in Captcha Breaker right now so I see no reason to add such things for now :(
  • There is a share in CB? where is it?
  • OzzOzz
    edited February 2013

    you can also click "Help" --> "User shared captcha definitions" in CB to view the database.
  • Really? noone uses the share feature at all in CB?  :(  That's to bad.  If noone uses it in CB than I deff don't see anyone using it for Sharing a engine.

    That's to bad.  I wonder does anyone code their own engines and just use them for personal?
  • SvenSven
    @Hunar yes I know of quite a lot coding there own engines already. But unlike Ozz or me, noone cares to share :/
  • ning mostly has recaptcha and its a decent engine.
  • when the platform trainer is out i will code some engines and will share for sure
  • I'm surprised nobody mentioned that NING is a low success platform because of the fact that it asks the user a unique question about the site while registering. 
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