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Backlink Indexing Services or Tier 3, which is better for indexing backlinks?

Hello friends, 

I am a college student and doing internet marketing as part-time. I am tight in budget but still I have managed to purchase GSA SER, CB, SER List, Dedicated Proxies, Captcha Services and Indexing Service. I have invested a big portion of my savings to this link building concept because I knew it has potential. 

I've read many important GSA discussions and watched a lot of videos regarding the software and started using it. But, as I am tight in budget right now, I can't purchase/try a service/concept for just testing purpose. As, I need to start seeing results like, my created backlinks are actually being indexed.

There are a lot of confusions regarding "indexing backlinks" many people say tiered structure are enough to index top tiers backlinks but many had good results with trying backlinks indexer services too, right?

I have the backlink indexing service which is costing me $1 per 1000 links with it's current (starter) plan and after testing few hundred backlinks I found that it indexes around 50% of links within a week and ~70% backlinks within a month. 

And, I have 10 sites with 30 pages in each of them and currently, I am creating backlinks (with good GSA filters) in single tier only. 

So, can someone who is experienced about both backlinks indexing service and tiered structure backlinks efficiency tell me which will be optimized way for me to use for indexing backlinks? The indexer service or tiered structure (up to T3) ? 

If I am only concerned about indexing backlinks of my main tier and if I just use indexing service then, for 300 pages (10 sites x 30 pages each)  even if I create only 20 verified links to each of them daily out of which at least 10 are actually available (because whenever I manually verify verified URLs only 50% links get green highlight in 'Show URLs >> Verified' check) so, GSA will create 6000 verified links daily which will obviously consume other resources + premium captcha solves of cost ~ $1. 

Then If I use my indexer, there will be an expense of $3 daily as roughly 3000 out of 6000 verified links will be submitted there. And, If I use only the tiered structure for indexing my main tier backlinks I will need to create 3000 x 5 (=15000) links for tier 1 and 15000 x 5 (=75000) in tier 2. Though it sums up to a very big figure but lets just assume there will be ~ 50K backlinks in total for the tiered structure which will consume atleast $10 premium captcha solves daily and also tiered structure takes more time, it has less success rate BUT it build reputed linking structure. 

You see, there are a lot of trade off going on. Can anyone please suggest me how to proceed with all these trade offs? I am tight in budget so I need to invest my every penny wisely. I also need to see result so as to invest more and reputation + safe link building are important too. Please suggest any better service or concept or structure you know too which will give better value for the invested.

And if you have observed more precisely, it'd be really helpful if you can tell which GSA engines help in INDEXING links/backlinks?

Thanks in advance.


  • And, I have only these tools regarding link-building and SEO. I know I will need more software/services for observing ranking, indexing, etc. So, please suggest what other tools I need. And, if I can postpone purchasing them currently? I can do manual hardwork right now if that can be done to observe essential metrics but investing more is currently not possible. 
  • shaunshaun
    I have just completed a personal case study on this as well as restarted it to test many more features.

    The two services that came out on top were Elite link indexer and express indexer with around 60% indexed for each batch after a 30 day period.

    The projects that used a tier of blog, guestbook and image vartied massivly in all honesty with some coming in at 30% indexed and some coming in at 50% indexed so I am going to look into these to see if I screwed them up some how or something.

    I was talking to Anth last night and he was saying how he is using blogs and such to index his links and is having good results.
  • Thanks for the reply.
    Yes, I am also using Elite link Indexer. So it's starter plan has 10,000 links p.m. quota so that's my $1 per 1000 links with same 60% success rate.
    Both of these services are great and so, expensive. That's why we don't have freedom to submit as many links as we want like in Indexification. So, I am more concerned about it.

    And  the tier engines you mentioned above.. they helping you to achieve 30 to 50% indexing of your tiered backlinks, right (without indexing services)? How much time it takes naturally to have the backlinks indexed using tiered structure. That'd be slow obvious by how much slow? 

    Which way you will recommend me to proceed? Should I use backlinks indexers or tiered structure?
  • shaunshaun
    In my oppinion natural indexing is a myth, I have a case study running right now getting data I will release it in a month.

    Both methods have positives and negatives. A non contextual Tier three can be used on as many targets as you want but has a higher initial investment to keep it clean. An indexing service has a lower cost but has limited urls.
  • Yeah and as you are a big internet marketer, you might be using the largest plans of both of these services and still going tight?

  • shaunshaun
    Nah mate the method I used aint working since the latest roll out so im back to the drawing board.
  • edited December 2016
    i test Elite link Indexer indexing fast, but after 3 day  i check  and 80% backlinks noindex

    which services is good i don't know
  • @Bulls you might give them more time. At the faq they even state a period of 30 days. 
  • shaunshaun
    MY first case study showed it takes them about 10 days to get a solid index rate, but my second one showed they are taking a little longer. 
  • among all the tools and resources which are being used for link-building, good backlinks indexing services appear to be the most expensive considering EliteLinkIndexer and Express Indexer. I am literally down to creating only 10 backlinks daily for my sites so as to adjust there amount in my limited indexing credits (for checking purpose for this first month).

    Indexification, Linkdexed and OneHourIndexing services plans are so cheap but I've read they have very bad indexing rate now. If you guys have yourself tried the services, can you re-verify it? Maybe OneHourIndexing provides better success rate? Because they allow to submit one link as free trial and whenever I submit a link there, it really gets indexed within hours. I rechecked it yesterday too. 
  • edited December 2016
    i test more services. indexing backlinks rechecked after 3-4 day 80% backlinks are noindex
    for good index need T2 T3 backlinks
  • Ohkk. But I really have my success with EliteLinkIndexer. It is indexing my at least 50% of submitted contextual backlinks within a week if I set my links for single day drip feed. 
  • Tim89Tim89
    @bulls The new indexing method available now that we use, works differently, this is why you are seeing these types of results.

    With thorough testing, my service gets as much as 60%-80% index rates after a 14 day period with an initial 50%-60% index rate within 24 hours of submission but you obviously don't quite understand or have the knowledge of how Google are indexing URLs these days.

    When you make a URL submission to EI, if you want to know a rough estimate of index rates, you should check this after a 24 hour period, perhaps 28 hour period depending on actual submission time, when you check it at this time, you will see your "initial index rate", URLs will drop in and out of the index for up to as long as 14 days but as @shaun has mentioned previously, sometimes can be longer, an accurate index rate can be taken anywhere after the 14-15 day period although, most of the time, more URLs will become indexed after this point too.

    Express Indexer prices did slightly go up when we released our update but this is because of our systems back-end costs but we do get the job done so if you are looking for an indexing service that actually does something or produces results, then you'll need to pay that little extra to get the service you require.

    If you're letting your links index naturally then you'll probably be hitting around 3% - 10% index rate after a month period (without building tiers) but with a service, you'll be reach 60% indexing rate without any problems.
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