solving phpizabi captcha with senuke

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I see that in CB there is phpIzabi captchas showing 100% success rate...however when i use it with senuke i get 'JPG unknown captcha' and CB cant solve it and skipp it..Why CB skip this captcha when it has it at 100% sucess rate? How can i make CB understand that its not unknown captcha but its PHPizabi :-)


  • SvenSven
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    For SENuke you need to check the option "Do not use image type for captcha detection".

    But even than you will not have much luck with that captcha type since SENuke is making a jpg out of that original type and is destroying the way it is solved in CB. CB uses hash values who are now different from the original one (a bit complex to explain).

  • all SENukers should ask the developers for an option to not convert the images from its original format and the problem would not occur (and also saves a bit of CPU usage i guess).
  • SvenSven

    Yes I don't see a use in this at all. The only problem I see is, that it might not SENuke but InternetExplorer itself that is still used to submit things.

    Maybe some platforms provide a JPG here thinking IE can not handle PNG/GIF the way wanted.

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