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I am so disappointed with my website what to do?/

I always read over the entire internet that if you find low competition keyword and then  put original content then you can rank easily. But unfortunately i am amazed that even my key words are very easy and i have put original content in the start then on seeing no results i now using original and copied mixed. but i did link up internally and some backlinks through my personal social media accounts, not buy any links. but  i see no rankings. some times i found some kws on 35-50 number then they also disappear. why this is so? 
Now i am thinking to seriously use GSA, will this help me?


  • shaunshaun
    1 - How are you working out your keyword is low comp?
    2 - How are you working out your keyword is very easy for your method?
    3 - How many words was your content?
    4 - lols backlinks from social media.....
  • I have searched kws from sem rush, ahref and moz and a couple of more kws tools and after throughly confirming then i started working on that.  my content was more than 1500 words long. and back links to tumblr , google plus. well if you say these back links are not back links i can agree then should i buy back links? my main reason for disappointment is that once kws are appearing inside 50 positions then why they suddenly disappeared when i add more content and more content sharing and inter linking etc? 
  • shaunshaun
    So you trusted some third party algo score to tell you your keyword was low comp and thats it?
  • I have asked for some help and you have started a new argument? cant u just tell me the right way to adopt? When i said i am expert?
  • shaunshaun
    Keyword difficulty is relative to the method being applied, what I was trying to get you to understand is that these Algos are a waste of time. Comparison the KC from different services for the same keyword and they will all be different.

    This is a basic breakdown of how I tought myself to workout keyword competition for SER. Don't take it as gospel it's just an example.

    Find 50 keywords around 1000 search volume, make an article that's at least 1000 words and put them online and submit your site to google.

    After a month see where they all track on a rank tracker and save it as CSV.

    Build 50 or so web 2 to each one and send them to an indexed and wait another month then recheck the positions, while you are waiting the month on this stage look for similarities between the keywords that had a good initial entry position.

    If any of the keywords moved then note them down, note the ones that moved the most al look for symiralarities.

    Repeat and adjust over and over.
  • Tim89Tim89
    @gslearner If the keywords are being reported as low comp but as you've said, you have a website, with good content and you still aren't ranking, then the keyword has enough competition already within the niche, therefore requires additional help by using offpage (SEO) methods.

    I have had sites rank number 1 for certain long tail phrases without any links pointing to it but very rarely does this happen in the niche I work in. 

    SER does take a lot of time to figure out a good enough strategy to work with so what I would suggest to you first, is to do some manual work/links, Tumblr, Wordpress,, Rediff, Hatenblog.. there are many Web 2.0 sources you can create for free and link back to your site, if your keywords are truely low competition then you'll only need a handful of backlinks to get the site moving, if this doesn't show results, then purchase SER and build tiers to these Web 2.0s, I think SERengines could also be something of use to you also, it creates Web 2.0 links from popular established sites, there are many Web 2.0 tools out there that all do a decent enough job, but because you're looking into SER, then SERengines would probably be your best bet moving forward.
  • Thank you Shaun  I now got it,  what should be the right way to check keyword competition.  I don't understand this point  "Build 50 or so web 2 to each one and send them to an indexed". Kindly elaborate it .   

    And Tim yes your point seems valid as all reliable keywords tools shows high volumes and  almost zero competition for the keywords, but this is valid point that the "keyword has enough competition already within the niche" ( all the initial 4-5 places with google ads) And  i have tumblr when i write article i gave link back but should i also make other web 2.0 as well . 
    You also wrote" there are many Web 2.0 tools out there that all do a decent enough job,"  can you guide me about the tools? 

  • shaunshaun
    You would build 50 web 2 to each of your 50 pages so 2500 web 2 to your test sites and then get them indexed some how depending on the tools you have available.
  • Making such number of websites is tough. Do people  buy these or they make their self. and if we can get links from GSA then why going for so  much trouble. Plz don't mind any word as I am trying to understand this mystery of GSA and  links things. I am tired of doing result less hard work, now i want something systemeatic and result giving. 

    Furthermore I want to ask that should I try these 50 or more web 2.0 things for this website which i already have made. and can i buy some quality links and then buy gsa blast? 

  • Making such numbers not hard, if you create the 2.0s with serengines
  • Can u plz elaborate a little what are these  Serengines and how can we make? a 
  • Also i want to know that i have seen many websites reviews before they launch. I  dont know how to create buzz for a new product or atleast how to let people know about ouir stuff. what our website is offering them , promos, coupons, discounts. how people create buzz for their products by reviews and articles. lets say i have written articles to tell people that we are offering or this new website is offering blah blah then how these articles should be delivered to people?  
  • antonearnantonearn Earth
    edited December 2016
    "So you trusted a third party source its low comp and thats it"? 

    I thought thats one of the purposes of tools like Ahrefs to figure out, @shaun?
  • shaunshaun
    "Comparison the KC from different services for the same keyword and they will all be different."

    Have you done this bit yet?
  • beastmodebeastmode NYC
    edited December 2016
    First of all you go by page 1 competition look on the first page of Google, and see how many well established sites you have to out-rank on page 1. You don't need any software for that.

    I would suggest to stack authority to rank very quickly

    • Randomly interlink social sites and web 2.0 properties - this will leave no footprints for Google to discover by linking them that way (Facebook, Blogger, G+, Tumbler, Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest, Live Journal, Youtube, Weebly, etc)

    • Hit each URL with social signals (Twitter, Facebook) - alternative to shares/retweets "BOOKMARKS"

    • Then you hit them with SER - Custom engines if you have them - (Contextual/Non-Contextual) 

    30 day drip feed
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    1. Google has got RRF (random ranking factors ) so keep in mind according to your knowledge and your eyes it's a low competitive but it may not to google.

    Always follow your competitors see how they work / how powerful their off page seo profiles etc then follow what they do.

    Also if you are very new to SEO i would suggest you to go with what you like / what you assassinate at. I am sure you have found lot of things which is not make you satisfied with google results :) I hope you got my POV :) heads up!
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