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url indexing

i got 1m links built per month.
no forums, no directories, no comments..

im looking for a good indexer service which actually...WORKS..
so far, tested few via free modes...NONE WAS WORKING.
can anyone recomend of a good indexer service that will give me 80% indexing  or a refund...?


  • shaunshaun
    Until May this year I was able to get 80% indexed using my own method with just SER but those days are gone :(. I still say that Elite Link Indexer is the best around right now and its winning my split tests that I have running right now against three other services. I was given a beta account for a new server yeasterday on BHW so I will check that out but im not holding my breath.

    As I start scaling my SER stuff up again I am planning on just using blog comments, image comments and guestbooks as the bottom tier with a few twists as it still gets around the 60% indexed mark as Elite Link Indexer but its essentially free as im using a premium list anyway.
  • thx shaun.
    i've started to test EXPRESS INDEXER.
    hopefully they guys there will provide a refund if its not working(as they promised a partial).
    about the BHA, wonder if u can share more about it... im willing to try it also.

  • for me elite indexer was not working, few out of 100 urls (test account) were indexed!
  • shaunshaun is the domain, alextexan is the owner, thats his username over on BHW I dont know if he is on here.

    Indexing works in phases now, you get your initial index rate after about 24 hours and then Google kicks the URLs out of the index for about 5 days and then depending on your indexer they start to come back in over the course of another 5 day. In my experiance out of a full 10 day cycle using non contextuals or elite link indexer has the highest % back in the index.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited November 2016
    @shaun you've only just realised this? This has been a trend for around 3 years now but this was one of the primary reasons we had a disagreement, I seem to remember you stating perhaps a couple of weeks or maybe a few weeks ago that you were complaining about a service that this kind of thing was happening to you, do you remember?

    Who has finally enlightened you? Btw, it's 14 days for accurate results from the day of submission. I would like to see your results by the way as I have done some back to back testing myself also and have seen positive results for my service when comparing directly with others (not mentioning names of services), each to their own I guess, with different link sources and whatnot, but when you look at value-wise, my plans allow you to keep credits and are overall cost-effective.
  • shaunshaun
    @Tim89 this pattern might have been occurring for three years with your methods and on your service although I don't remember it when I used your service in the past but its all down to the methods used.

    Until last year Instant Link Indexer were able to get crazy indexing rates within days until they were patched out around may/june 2015 and they posted here admitting they didn't have a method for fast indexing anymore. So there is one external source stating that they had a quicker indexing time than 14 days only last year, not three years ago...

    After that happened I tried a bunch of services and ended up developing my own method that got to around 70-80% indexed within days and maintained that rate using just SER. It worked fine until may/june 2016 (looks like may/june might be when google release their index patch) then index rates dropped and slowed and that was only a few month ago when I was able to do it not 3 years...

    Then I started asking around and testing services again hoping one would be able to get similar indexing rates in the time frame I had been able to do it in seeing as how they were charging money for their service but after testing a bunch of services multiple times over the past few month as well as tweaking my own method I have given up on a quick indexing method and these days I am happy with 60% indexed after 10 days as thats what Elite Link Indexer can offer with their method and its the highest % I have proven so far.

    My testing has splits of link types offered by SER and RX to keep the testing as fair as possible over the link types I use in my link building these days, I was thinking of releasing the results publically but I probably won't, its private testing data for myself, if other SER users want the data they can invest $50 or so into a few services and their base package and do their own testing.

    You will be able to tell if your service comes out on top if I start recommending express indexer to users when they post asking for indexing advice.

  • Tim89Tim89
    @shaun fair enough, do you mind releasing your results to me? I'd very much like to see your findings in general and also to see if I'm able to find a resolution for you!

    When you say you had your own indexing method using SER, you mean you were using rss feeds or spamming kitchen sinks at your urls?

    I can respect that but in terms of cost efficiency, did you take that into consideration when you're posting your recommendations? I obviously don't know your results from your tests but factoring in plans/prices into the overall equation should be noted to obviously give a fair rec, but you're entitled to type whatever you like mate.

  • i think its a legit request..
    ill share my expirence in 3 weeks.
    so far: service seems to index very fast, and i got friendly and fast replies from tim.

  • shaunshaun
    @tim89 yea no problem I will PM it to you in a few weeks.

    I hate the term kitchen sink as it offers no information of what's in it, I know the term goes back to the early days of SER but it causes so many problems. I have lost count of the people I have team viewered into and they have seen me say I use blog/image/guestbooks and trackback until recently to index and then they think this is kitchen sink and I dial into their VPS and they have URL shorteners, exploits and all that crap and at least 80% of their links are those platforms as they are much easier for SER to build and have more targets and then they wonder why nothing is happening to their sites.

    My current T3 is a highly optimized layer of blog comments, image comments and guestbooks and until recently it had trackbacks. I'm not going into how I optimize it but for any new guys reading this it has nothing to do with a bad word filter, a geo blacklist or a PR filter as that's another big problem I see when I dial into people VPS' and they have like 5 LPM when trying to do the stuff I recommend but I have always openly said I dont use those filters on any of my tiers as they are a waste of time.

    Beleive it or not thats actually my main priority for later today once I finish my daily servicing and process my new RX linkset is to try workout a way to come up with a value per credit, per link indexed, per cent spent but its confusing and annoying lol.
  • Tim89Tim89
    @shaun cheers, it's always nice to see how my service ranks compared to others.

    I understand about helping people out via teamviewer, I used to do that a lot going back a couple of years but it's tiresome and quite irritating trying to fix peoples campaigns and then explaining things also so I don't bother anymore, just don't have the time.

    In regards to cost when comparing, in all fairness, what I do know in the indexing industry anyhow, is that EI is unbeatable in this department, other services have daily caps in place and do not offer a rolling over crediting system, so to me in that respect, we're unmatched.

    Are you building or looking into PBNs currently?
  • shaunshaun
    I used to do bits of coaching too all free of charge but it just raises more questions than it answered so I dropped that too.

    Nah I have a few sites with PBNs but im stopping it and putting 100% of my IM efforts into ranking with automated links as research for having my own tool built sometime down the line.
  • 3 out of 10 is my stat with elitelinkindexer !
    all sites are valid, good, NOT SPAM..not comments, with good domains authority.
    hope that my tests with expressindexer will be way better.

  • Tim89 , seems like something goes wrong and urls are not being indexed anymore..
    can u reply to my emails ?
  • Tim89Tim89
    @svenman I did reply to your email yesterday but you said you did not receive it, anyway, we've spoken now but please in future, if you need questions asked, try to keep it in 1 form of communication, you emailed, PM'd and used the forum all within a 5 hour period :P be patient, emailing is best.
  • let leave it out of the forum...i waited 24 hrs and i assumed u missed my email so i sent also here.
    i did GET a reply from you an hour ago and i agree, we will keep it via emails only.
    its not related to the forum.
  • Tim89Tim89
    =) ok
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