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Confusion over number submitted

edited February 2013 in Need Help
OK I think it's probably me being dumb but I don't quite get how many links are being submitted in 1 of my projects. I have set to build 30 per day +/-3. When I clicked SER to start today the number submitted for the project began at 142. Now I would be expecting this to rise to 172 +/-3 by midnight. But when I look after a few hours its on 226 submitted and showing 21 submitted links for the day (displayed bottom left). I'm confused.

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  • ronron
    Accepted Answer

    I am not a technician (disclaimer, lol), but just like the issue with selecting a certain number to verify...

    Say you're running 200 threads. They could all be making submissions simultaneously on the same project. It's not like they only try one thread at a time to see if it is successful. And by the time they each receive acknowledgement that a submission occurred, whammo, you have 200 submissions, or 226, or whatever the number is.

    Again, just my best educated guess. 

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    The column next to the project name holds all submitted, even those who only create an account. However since no link is submitted by now it does not count for the submitted URLs counter within the project pause option.


  • Questions similar to this have been asked by others on several occasions (me included). I don't believe there has been a satisfactory reply yet, I could be wrong. This is still an issue for me.

    Anyone else experiencing this please chime in.
  • Hmm I think there maybe a bug. It has paused on 270 submitted for project and showing as 21 submitted on bottom left. As it's past midnight it would have submitted todays lot so 2 days have past since my 142 starting submitted value. The problem is that at 30+/-3 I should have maximum of 208. Of course this number would be lower after verification.

    This is a fairly new site. I don't want too many links built like this. Or am I missing something? Thanks @ron for trying to explain. Maybe lowering threads would help (I'm on 80).... And @kortezubi yes I've looked for a long time in this forum for an answer...

    Any clarity welcomed especially @Sven @Ozz et al. Thanks guys
  • ronron

    The good news @seagul is that thankfully verifieds tend to run at around 15% - 20% so you will probably end up with some numbers that resemble your targets.

    I set up new sites around 5/day, and that really seems to do the trick. Plus when it goes over, it's a smaller degree of error.

    The process doesn't lend it self to exactness, but it's not as bad as uncorking a grenade to kill a fly :)

  • as far as i understood @sven, the submitted counter is counting all the steps that are needed to submit a link. if a link submission has 4 steps (register, verify, login, post) it counts 4 submissions for only one link.
  • SvenSven

    No, let me explain again.

    The submitted counter counts just submits where your URL is submitted and a verification of that URL is about to happen later on. It is not counting the submissions where just a account is created or a login is happening.

    I hope that makes sense now.

  • ok, thanks @sven
  • @sven the lower counter says 21 and the submitted counter up in the project details shows 128 submissions added in last 48 hrs. I have SER set for 30 +/-3 subs per day. It still doesn't make sense to me. I'm sorry if it's me being dumb :(|)
  • Thank you @Sven for making this clearer and too to @ron and @d3ad for your valuable input.
  • edited February 2013
    @Sven, why don't you change the column next to the project name to represent the count for submitted URLs only? It would save a lot of confusion and give us a better indication of how our project is progressing with respect to "pause after x submissions for the day".
  • SvenSven
    I could do that but than people wonder why after X account creations, nothing seems to be both ways its confusing.
  • hi guys really useful thread i've been scratching my head all past 2 weeks wondering why the project doesn't pause.

    so after reading this thread Iunderstand that the submission column next to the project name shows not just url submitted but also logins etc. submitted.

    where is the 2nd counter you guys talk about which show the submissions urls for only ONE project? thanks!

    - tim
  • Bottom left but it shows submissions for the day all projects.
  • edited February 2013
    i've been testing and tracking this to verify that i's working correctly as i'm paranoid for my new sites i don't want to hit it with 1000 links.

    i've discovered that i've got pause project after 50 submissions reached in a day.  i understand the submitted project counter includes account creation etc.

    but what worries me is that after running for 30 mins and watching like a hawke i've got 168 submitted (project submitted) and 80 verified.

    If the project was supposed to stop after 50 submissions i can understand why the project submitted counter is 168 as there are account creations verification setc.

    but why is the verified counter 80 it should NOT be > 50

    i'm back to running my tier 1 projects manually so they don't oversend too many links.
  • for my tier 2 i've been looking at the logs wha ti've noticed it it DOES pause sometimes here is the log:
    14:28:18: [ ] Project will pause for 571 minutes as 500 submissions have been reached.

    but once i stop and restart the project (without restarting GSA) tier 2 goes on it's merry way and continues to submit links even though its supposed to have paused.
  • SvenSven
    For such a pause type it calculates the number of links created in last XYZ minutes (the setting from the project) and only creates the left amount of links before going to pause again.
  • I've set to 50 submissions a day.  how come after stopping and starting the project it exceeds 50 submission per day? thanks.
  • I find this happens to me too. However I am getting very good results with SER :) I take these figures with a grain of salt and if you only want a few links set it to lower than you want. I've got new sites set to 25 submitted per day with contextual T1 links.
  • @Sonic81 I think you're going past your 50 submissions a day due to threads.As Ron explained above, if you have 200 threads running that project and you hit 50 submissions, you have to wait for all the threads to finish up before the project stops. So, it's possible to get additional submissions past your threshold of 50.
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