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Keep posting backlinks after you are on number 1 in Google?

I have a question, what you do after you keyword is number 1 in google?
Now just to have an idea of the way i am working i am following Ron's example which is this:

So the question is should i stop posting backlinks? Yes No or maybe just to tier 2 and 3

Your feedback is welcome



  • SvenSven
    Congrats on being that far already. Well hard to say it but it would look odd if you would just stop by now. I would probably slow it down a bit instead of stopping completely.
  • No no i am not there yet I am just saying!
    Kindly can you tell me why it will look odd please?
    And when you say slow it down do you mean only tier 1 slow and stop tier 2 & 3 or slow all down.

    Thanks a lot in advanced.
  • Tim89Tim89
    I would personally continue to build your 2nd and 3rd tier and get them indexed steadily.

    I would also continue to build tier 1 links but I wouldn't process them for indexing or actively try to index them, instead I would just use them as backup so if rankings to slightly drop, I have a fresh tier 1 available which have matured ready for indexing.

    Beware to not screw up your anchor text ratios though.
  • Nice tips, i will as you told me boys ;)
    Thanks a lot.
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    Few niches im number one in....I tend to just throw a pbn link at the site every few weeks...most of the time i just use the url as my kw.....
  • Thanks @steelbone good idea too
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