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When will be the backlinks visible using SemRush?

Hi, i start some campaigns 1 week ago and i open a trial SemRush account to make some training with it.
I try to search the backlinks i create 1 week ago for some of my projects but it says 0 backlinks.
When will they be visible on SemRush?



  • Use ahrefs or another tool instead. Semrush doesn´t work well for this task.
  • Tim89Tim89
    whenever their crawler visits your links.. ahrefs is probably the better service to see a view of your profile, Semrush is quite slow at picking up back links.
  • Thanks guys, i will try it on ahrefs.

  • Semrush is great for checking competition.
    If you want to check your backlinks,Majestic/Ahrefs would be a much better choice.
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