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[Beta Testers] - The Ultimate App For Private Blog Network Hosting

Welcome To The GoPBN Private Blog Network Hosting Application

*Note* - It's important for you to have Skype for the beta test. If you are excited to test out then kindly leave a comment in the thread or shoot me a PM.

I am looking for reliable beta testers for our brand new PBN Hosting SaaS Application

Introduction about GoPBN

GoPBN is one of the first of it's kind that lets you start, grow, expand and monetize your Private Blog Network in a much unique way.

The Goal is to take Private Blog Network Hosting to a new level.

What I'm looking for in a beta tester

I am looking for beta testers who are into building Private Blog Networks for themselves, clients and offering PBN as a service and get involved in the platform and help the following:

- Reporting Bugs
- Sharing ideas for New Features
- Suggest Improvements

What to expect during the beta:

The platform built at the moment is very raw, yet has a very strong foundation as the base that can help us implement new features & suggestions very rapidly hence you can expect multiple bugs in the beta stage.

The beta users will be a part of the integral Skype & Facebook group for private discussion to grow the platform very rapidly as we have a very robust in-house development team to speed up the development process and can be expanded as needed.

I would prefer anyone who has been actively involved the GSA community, has an excellent account history and has a good understanding of SEO (Private Blog Network in general)

I will roughly require around 30-50 beta testers gradually.

What do you get for helping

The most involved beta users will get an exclusive discounted base pricing for all the help, suggestion, and improvements he has made, along with his reviews being possibly shown on the homepage of our website along with his picture giving him a chance to get a good exposure in the long run.

Users are not much helpful or involved in the beta program will get account disabled.

How long will the beta run?

Until we have enough features ready with zero bugs.


Web Browser and your own domains.

Screenshot of GoPBN Ultimate App for Private Blog Network Hosting:


  • I'm interested in hearing more. Have a network up at the moment that is always being added to.

    Would like to know more about what your system does and the costs invovled.


  • @JD_PMG

    Hey JD,

    Would be a pleasure to have you on board. Please head over to and join our waiting listing, only our pre-registered beta users will get access to our beta program for free. 
  • We are all live and open for new customers for a limited period of time. 
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