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Low LPM - How Can I Improve

So I'm pretty new to GSA but I've spent weeks going through all the tutorials and posts on GSA regarding increasing your LPM, and I've put together a Tier 2 campaign.

However, my LPM is still only  1,67.  I tried to tweak things here and there, but this is about the maximum I'm able to get it. I've seen people get blistering fast LPM so not sure what I'm doing wrong.

I'm running it on a Windows 10 Desktop with a quad-core i5 processor and 4gb ram. I'm using 10 private proxies and the rest are public proxies. Below are screenshots of my set up. Any advice would be appreciated!




Sorry if the images are too big, was wondering if there was something obvious im missing.

thanks for any help!


  • shaunshaun
    edited August 2016
    • Stop using public proxies.
    • Untick automatically decrease threads on xx CPU usage.
    • Don't run on a desktop, get a cheap VPS from SolidseoVPS.
    • Untick send to GSA SEO Indexer it doesn't do anything and rapes resources.
    • Untick web 2.0 it takes so many resources and does so little.
    • Never use RSS, Indexer, Microblog Or URL shortener they are a waste of time.
    • You are using Adult Videos, probably a bad idea depending on your niche.
    • Use Trackbacks they are a a decent non contextual engine.
    • You have all wikis selected, mediawiki is a waste of time. 
    • You have all articles selected Easyblog is a dead engine, there are a few others that are dead in articles too but I cant remember them off the top of my head.
    • In articles ESO Talk, Question 2 Answer, PHP Link Article, UCenter, PHPWeb are probably a waste of time for you as they are mostly no follow and you probably arnt building your verified list in a way to make them useful.
    • You have all image comments selected Dat So Gallery, Gallery 2, Pixelpost and Plogger are the same as the above articles.
    • You have all Forums selected Flux BB is the same as above. Discuss used to clog my SER up so I stopped using it, I havent checked it in months to see if it still does it.
    • You have all guestbooks selected, as above with these engines....  Shoutbox, Kide Shoutbox, DRB Guestbook, Easybook Reloaded, Lazerous Guestbook, Donation Guestbook.
    • You have all social networks selected as above.....PHPFox, Datalife CMS there is another one too but I dont remember it.
    • I'm guessing you are using SER to scrape as well as post? That slows you down too, try scrape with another copy of SER, Scrapebox, HReffer or Gscraper (not sure if its still going).
    • The engines I stated above that should be ditched is mainly due to their no follow percentage. I guess you are scraping with the default footprints, there are a fair few that are a waste of time as they return very few targets in Google so that will be slowing you down. Making your own custom footprints will speed you up.
    • I would ditch adding authority links in the articles too, I dropped it probably over a year ago and never noticed a difference, I guess it can slow SER down a tiny bit when it goes off to find those links.
    • Untick skip sites with more than 30 OBL....even some of my contextual T1's have more than that depending on the engine. This is probably your main problem, and this is a T2 project as well? I would let it post to any OBL.
    • In the type of backlinks to create tick Article-wiki.
    • Untick the skip pages with the bad words filter on. Theres not many blogs these days SER posts to that doesnt have those words on it and even if you do some how find a blog that doesnt have any bad words on it theres no saying someone else wont find it and post on it with those badwords after you. When I need to I can knock out around 1.5 million verified links per day per server and my verified list building system is very efficient so chances are someone like me would find your clean blog and end up putting a word on it you tried to dodge. Ideally you will always have 1 layer of clean contextuals between the non contextuals and your MS anyway helping to protect it.
    • You have blocked your emails out but if they are all from your hotel site I would ditch them and try get some catchalls from SEOSpartians, I havent looked back since moving over to them. Really solid service worth every penny.
    • You have 12 search engines checked, its been years since I used SER like that but I would just have and (if its a thing) selected, you will have to do testing to workout your timeouts.
    • Untick analyse and post to your competators backlinks! It is an excellent feature but link extraction should be done via scrapebox on its own server as it uses so many resources but it is a good way to grow your list.
    Side notes - Not LPM related but helpful.
    • Do you have any anchor texts for ratios or are you just using niche stuff from keywords?
    • You are using contextual and non contextual in the same project, bad idea.
    • Depending on your list size Forums and directory could be a waste of time.
    • Remove your email screenshot it has your moneysite on it. BTW Sunderland all the way! :D
    • No idea whats going on with your post rations but 100 +/- 4 every 30 mins? I doubt google is going to care if you post 96 or 104 links :P. Ditch the +/- aspect, you will have indexing problems further down the line that will randomise what google actually counts anyway.
    • Stop using human paid captchas on SER, trust me its a waste of money, GSA CB is perfect for the link types you get from SER.
    • You are running contextuals in the project, they need reverification every day or so if you are building any links below this tier so tick that.
    Ideally you would have one server running Scrapebox getting links for you, that dumps them into GSA PI, PI then puts them into Dropbox, Dropbox moves them to another server where a dedicated instance of SER and CB are set up to do nothing but verifiy your links and then you manually filter them into its verified folder and its verified folder is then your global list for all other instances of SER you are running on other servers/VPS', this is expensive when you first start out though so it might be worth looking at a paid list as its going to take you ages to get anything close to usable running on a desktop.

    Also this is a basic set up to help get your started if SER is your only source of links right now....

    T1 - Articles, Social Networks, Wikis and Contextual Videos (forums here too if your list is small).
    T2 - Blog Comments, Image Comments, Trackbacks, Guestbooks (Directories here too if your list is small).

    Ideally you will have three projects on T1.

    A - Drupal, Wordpress, Buddypress and XpressEngine.

    This is your exact match and LSI anchors.

    B - The other Article platforms, Social Networks, Videos and Wikis.

    This is your niche anchors.

    C - Forums

    This is to help increase your reffering domains and dilute anchors so use generic and URL anchors here.

    Each will have their own T2 project. In my oppinion your T2 projects should only post do follow links, 10-25 per day per T1 link and you are onto a winner.

    Good luck keeping your links indexed though :P.

  • 710fla710fla ★ #1 GSA SER VERIFIED LIST
    @shaun once again thanks for a great post! Any updates on getting contextuals to stay in Google's index?

    Right now I'm scraping Google/ for search results within the last month with some article footprints.

    My theory is that if someone made a post that Google indexed then my post will index too. Any thoughts?
  • shaunshaun
    @710fla nah mate, testing something with SER as T2/3 only with none contextuals but putting more effort into PBNs right now.
  • thanks so much shaun for that invaluable input. It's going to take me a while to go through all your points but I'll be sure to report back if i have anything useful to share.
  • shaunshaun
    No worries man.
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    Shaun is great.
  • OK Shaun,

    I went through everything like you said and all of a sudden the LPM has jumped to 11lpm - 10 times better! so thank you. I guess it makes a difference that i'm not trying to post to nearly as the same amount of websites.

    Regarding the email address with my domain. That's not from my "money site" - that's an email i created with a domain on a site from my blog network. I have a small blog network i'm trying to grow pointing to my main site so I decided to use email addresses from all those sites in GSA since i wasn't doing anythng else with them. Is this a bad move?

    This is basically a Tier 2 campaign I'm running.

    I'm manually created a blog network of 9 sites (and growing), which is my first Tier 1, and I've manually created forum post links, which is my second Tier 1, and i'm manually created business citation/directories, which are my third Tier 1, and finally I have some links on high authority edtorial type sites, such as huffington post, which comprise my fourth set of Tier 1 links.

    So I have been busy manually building links lol

    The idea is to use SER on all these Tier 1 sites and boost their ranking and pass this juice to my main site.

    I'll then build Tier 3 links to all the Tier 2 I make with SER, and so on, until i see boostings in teh SERPs.

    I'm fairly new to this but ready to spend money on my SEO. I've bought link indexing services, article spinners/generators, proxies, as well as a tool to find sites to post to called SERengines. And now I guess I'm going to buy Scrapebox - do I need all this? Especially the link indexing service, isn't that a bit redundant?

    The next job would be getting two VPS systems set up, one running GSA and one running Scrapebox - with the scrapebox feeding GSA scraped lists of sites.

    Thanks for your help and pointing me in the right direction. 

    Oh - I'm not from Middlesbrough, I'm from Leeds-and I don't like "soccer" :))
  • shaunshaun
    I have never actually tried self hosted emails so I dont know in all honesty, in theory it should be just as good as catch alls.

    In my oppinion I would check the T1 links you have manually built and only build a T2 to the ones that are do follow. It will help save your resources and my personal testing has never shown any benefit of building to no follow links for Google ranking.

    In my oppinion Scrapebox is an essential bit of kit for all types of SEO. The vast majority of indexing services are just a scam now, elitelinkindexer is probably the best for what I have tried.

    I highly recomend solidseovps for your servers/vps. Excellent customer support and I Have never had a problem with their products since I moved over to them.
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    I'm using this VpN $6 only gsa ser working very nice.
  • shaunshaun
    It depends on your definition of very nice :P.
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    edited September 2016

    Do you know any vpn service budget plan please share. 
  • shaunshaun
    I would ticket solidseovps and ask them for any offers they have available that arnt advertised and explain what you need the VPS for.
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
  • thanks shaun, you answered all my questions.
  • Thanks shuan. The best post.
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    • I would ditch adding authority links in the articles too, I dropped it probably over a year ago and never noticed a difference, I guess it can slow SER down a tiny bit when it goes off to find those links.
    I would not able to understand this line, Are you recommitting articles with authority links? 
  • shaunshaun

  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    "Yes" @shaun my doubt is "Insert up to 'x-x' random/authority URLs for random words.
    Shall I enable this or not?
  • shaunshaun
    That's upto you and your strategy. I don't use it in most of the stuff I do.
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    Ok shaun
  • @shaun
    +1 for the great post
  • shaunshaun
    Cheers dude :)
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