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WOW, bought CB yesterday...

edited February 2013 in Need Help
Yesterday evening, I bought CB.  Don't know why it took me so long.... (well apart from being skint!)

Anyway, I stopped GSA and CS at 2030 last night.  I had 12247 submitted and 1851 verified, 9.22 LPM, running at 150 threads through the day.

I watched CB for a while, played with some settings. My VPS couldnt cope with GSA still running at 150 threads and that set off some alarm bells so I went down to 50 threads and 100 timeout. That was the only setting I changed.   An hour later I was surprised at the results but didn't really record them.  

At 8.30 today, CB and GSA had already surpassed yesterdays total but running 1/3 of the threads!  13060 submitted, 2929 verified, 24.33 LPM

I am absolutely delighted with the results.  That level of improvement over the old setup is mind blowing, just wished I had jumped ship sooner.

Well done @Sven, its a keeper! 

Next up is refining engine types and delaying verification timings.  Thanks go out to @leeg, @ron @ozz and @globalgoogler and all others for tips.  


  • you should buy it when it release...  hahaha...

    Say good bye with CSX... @sven already do many update when GSA CB release but CSX still at CSX3... lame...
  • I'm having similar results. Submissions now flying after using CB (trial). Kudos to @sven + other guys @brumnick mentions. Thanks!
  • SvenSven
    Thanks to all of you for the warm words ;)
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    @Brumnick can you share the settings you've changed? I haven't yet made the switch from CS to CB but I think I will today.
  • In GSA I just lowered thread count to 50 with a timeout of 100.  With the extra speed of CB it seemed to be mashing my vps.

    On CB checked "only try to solve if success rate is at least"; changed to 15%

    Speed / accuracy slider; 4 to the right of speed (this needs playing with) Any one have any opinions on how varied the two extremes are?

    Deselected recapatcha, mollum, kcaptcha and inbox although if I set the other setting to 15% I doubt it needs it.

    That was all, nothing major but massive win.
  • OzzOzz
    edited February 2013
    Speed / accuracy slider; 4 to the right of speed (this needs playing with) Any one have any opinions on how varied the two extremes are?
    <-- i think that its working like that. CB can have up to 10 processes to solve a captcha. 
    highest accuracy settings = use all processes
    highest speed settings = use just the first process

    not that many captchas have more than 4 processes though. the most have 1-2 processes. 
  • I see, thanks Ozz, 

    I guess going for accuracy would be best then as it would try and tackle the harder ones and have more chance of getting them right on the few occasions it needed to, and then the rest of the time it would pretty much chew through the others with less processes at the same speed as it would if you had the slider all the way over to the speed side.

    Thanks very much - that little nugget probably means it doesn't need too much of an extensive test.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    Thanks @Brumnick @Ozz - Where are the settings to deselect specific captchas?
  • there are checkboxes in front of each captcha type
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    @Ozz I'm not seeing that...I only see the platforms listed, not the specific captcha type.
  • Hit the little plus buttons to the left of the platforms to expand them out..
  • well, just click the + symbol to expand each platform ^^
  • Or, if you know the names of them, right click and use the search feature
  • I'm dying to try CB, but the crap payment system won't validate my order.
    Did you pay with PayPal? 
    This has been a nightmare for me. Four orders submitted with 2 different PayPal accounts, and my order is waiting for approval since 2 days ago.
  • skrill / moneybookers = instant!  Don't know if it makes any difference but I'm in the UK..
  • ronron
    Version 1.60 of CB seems much faster than previous versions. Now I see there is another update. One thing I have been experimenting with is "Only try to solve if success rate is _". I have it at 25% now and that is working well. Average solve time down to .35 seconds.
  • I get 8% solved with re captcha and CB. so @sven is lying with his 1% :-)

    I am using default settings.
  • How long did you get approve after order?
    i pay the bill yesterday but now email or anyother notice for me.
    How long will i get the CB works?
    by the way,i get more than 50% success rate using the trial version with default setting.

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