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PR of the Links created

edited August 2012 in Need Help

  So I have been playing around with the different settings and I still see inconsistencies when it comes to PR.

I have tried both PR of domain and PR of page.

Either way I still get PR 0 backlinks when I tell the software specifically not to post to these. 

I have a good understanding of why this happens, but what I would like to know is what type of links will assure me a PR of my asking?

- forum comments?

I saw in the tutorial that Santos made, all his backlinks had a PR 1+ showing. Was this a list he imported or did was he able to get the software to do that on it's own?

Thanks in advance for clarification on this :) 


  • OzzOzz
    edited August 2012
    Did you uncheck "Also analyse and post to competitors backlinks" in your project settings? If that's not the case you should do it and the PR filter should work as supposed to be.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited August 2012
    Hey, in the tutorial video there was no importing. All the PR sites you saw in the video were from using the software normally with usual PR filters. The software is very good with finding the proper PR pages. I would take Ozz advice with adjusting that setting and that should help out a lot.
  • Thanks for the responses guys, much appreciated :)

      I have now started a campaign with the competitor backlinks unchecked and I will report back with my results.

  • SvenSven

    some notes about PR:

    • When using the setting "Use PR of page" instead of "Use PR of domain" you might get a PR0 as the resulting backlink page might not have a PR as it is new. This can happen for every engine that does e.g. create a profile page. This is normal of course as new pages usually don't have a PR.
    • You might also get PR0 pages for Whois/Statistic sites as the program sees it has a domain in the URL, exchanges it with yours and opens it. Then it sees your link on it in best case and takes it to the list of verified sites. The PR is than not checked.
    • The option "analyze competitors backlinks" is often giving you such Whois/Statistics sites and than the above issue appears. Every other link is checked for a proper PR before posting.

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