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Sudden Drop in Submissions Rate

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Hey everyone , im a new user and i have setup several campaigns that were running great for 5-6 days but today i noticed a huge drop in submissions , only 15-20% compared to other days. I am using 20 private proxies and hotmail email address.

I loaded 3k + keywords 

Can you please assist me on this and tell me what can usually cause this and how to fix it 


These are my settings :


This is the Chart of my campaign group where you can see the drop in submission rate :


  • OzzOzz
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    please upload a log (right click -> log to file) to or to make sure everything is working as it should be.
  • Activate: Put url in places where its seen as spam
    Deactivate: At least 1 KW must be present on Site, Post url on same domain twice, Web2.0 sites
    Possible: Reduce required PR to 1; Increase or deactivate OBL requirement (if your doing article, social network, why you need this); Select a different batch of SE engines; Restart your VPS, use CB

    Then check your submitted list against the verfieds and deactivate the Platforms that give you only a few verifieds.
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    Forgive my ignorance , but i cant find "log to file" anywhere , i right clicked on project and  cant find it anywhere :(

  • Right Click on the bottom part of SER where you see the submissions flying
  • squirrelhunter , thanks ,  will try these options , but i think there is something more to it then my PR or OBL since all campaigns are affected that are totally unrelated and have different keywords. I have a few questions though

    -Why do you disable Web 2.0 sites ?

    Should i use " always use keywords to find target sites" since im using it for only a week , and the option "analyze competition" ?
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  • squirrelhunter 
    and also.

    1- try to use less search engines, and use google only.
    2- Use URL from global site list if enable ----- uncheck identified (you dont really need this list), and if you dont have a big database yet uncheck verified.
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    I downloaded list of SE from the post GSA best practices, i will try one campaign with global list and one with "always use keywords" . i selected and deselected as squirrelhunter instructed me to do. 

    Should i use options "delete target cache" and "delete target URL history" . When do you use these options
  • I recommend doing "delete the cache and url history" to start from zero
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    When you start a new campaign enable Only the web2.0, and reduce to 3 threats, use paid captcha solver and let it run for 30 min until you are done with the web.20. After that uncheck all web2.0.. most of these are SINGLE items post sites so you dont need to have SER searching for them and wasting resource.

    Dont activate 'always use keywords'.. will lessen your results. Always check to use also global list along.

    Check your proxies. Your drop in submissions can also just be a fluke..

    Use delete url history when you update or change PR requirement or OBL or anything major.. doing this wont hurt surely
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    Thanks for the tips guys , it worked out great . The problem i have is that since today's update i am getting 0 LPM . I changed the email , cleared cache/URL , rebooted , still 0 lpm . Can you help with this , what seams to be the problem .

  • apart from verifying your urls the log only shows that SER can't create links because it had filtered out sites with unknown PR ("PR-?"). 
    i guess that your proxies are temp banned for PR checking by google.
  • What can i do about it besides changing proxies , should i deselect option " use proxies for checking PR" ?
  • you can do that but your IP might as well been temporarly banned after a while. for testing purposes for the time your proxies are banned for PR checking this could be working.
    when your are PR-banned by google than you don't be banned for searching with google, so you have basically nothing to fear IMO.
  • Confirmed , deselecting "use proxies for PR check" fixed it , but i turned it back On , not all proxies were banned. Thanks for help Ozz
  • your welcome :)

    btw, this is a perfect example how everyone should asking for help when it comes to having issues with submissions.
    POST YOUR LOGS and screenshots of your settings if you are unsure about them.

    this log was somewhat small, but it was better than nothing and helped to figure out what might be wrong instead of "fishing in muddy waters" all the time.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    I cant wait to post a log :D
  • OzzOzz
    edited February 2013
    oh, i should have kept my mouth shut i guess :D

    figuring out whats not working for you is like a cardiac operation compared to give someone a plaster for his scratches ;)
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Oi, Im being victimised

    Thats it, Im off to kill ser again :D

    Im sure Sven has a special version with no send an email to god feature when I get updates

    Or he has a special folder with "not him again" for my emails :D

    I would love to bug track, then have it go pop at 23:59:59 :D

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