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Pros & Cons of One or Multiple URLs per Project

Hello Everyone,

I had been actively reading on this forum for a while now, have read a lot of stuff here, this is my first post. Love to read the posts of @shaun, @sven, @tim89 @ron and many others. Thank you guys.

Through this posts I  want to know the pros & cons of using One or Multiple URls per project. I have searched this on this forum for quite a while, but did not find any strong post highlighting the differences.   For simplicity sake lets say, we have 100 verified domains/urls (in the verified folder) and a site with 5 pages to promote. If use all these 5 urls in one project, I will get 100 links distributed among all the 5 pages. However, if we make a separate project for each page (5), we will get 5 x 100 = 500 links, each url will get 100 links? Is this logic right?

If the above logic is right, then is it safe to have 100 domains/urls building links to all the 5 pages of your website? Doesn't it look spammy? Should I care about it if I am building high PR links to my money site?

Correct me If my understanding is wrong, I am still learning!! Thank you.


  • shaunshaun
    Its doubtful you would get 100 likes exactly every time due to captchas, and other things.

    Although it would be an easy thing for Google to track looking at the RD to a money site I dont beleive it currently does it.
  • mazs91mazs91 Muscat
    thanks @shaun
  • Tim89Tim89
    Personally, I'd keep your tier 1 link numbers as low as possible, you could build a handful of good quality links that will stick and simply pump those links with as many links as you want/need without having to worry about link numbers or if the same domains are hitting your MS over and over.

    Tiered link building is practically used for your example, one doesn't want to spam their MS so they stack the authority using a small amount of tier 1 links.

    Answering your actual question above, yes, if you have a verified list of 100 domains, creating 5 separate projects for each URL will yield 100 URLs (back links) per URL you enter into your campaign, give or take a few unverified URLs but that's the logic yes, if you were to put all 5 URLs into 1 project and use the "in sequence" option for URL or backlink distribution, it should evenly build links to each of your entered URLs so yes in theory you should have around 20 backlinks per URL (100 verified sitelist / 5 urls = 20 back links per url), using the same domains/verified list on the same MS and its pages can still give great results but only up to a certain point, does it look natural? Well, what is natural? it'll pass the algo but I doubt it'll pass a manual review.
  • edited July 2016
    the other issue is with google once a domain links to your domain anywhere, be it a sub page or homepage or anything else, further links from the same domain are drastically reduced in the value they provide. 

    i do agree with @tim89 about keeping t1 links low. an easy way to do this is to use a PR filter of 3 or 4, only use article / social network links and use the gsa proxy scraper url metric scanner to convert trust flow to PR, so you only get tf 30+ site domains linking back to you, it wont be able to find all that many, keeping everything where you want it to be. 

    ive found domains with tf 10+ AND an alexa rating of any kind have statistically a much better chance to index as well, but unfortunately it appears you need massive proxies to check alexa rank so it cannot be added to ser @sven told me. it sucks because that would have been another great metric to filter by.
  • shaunshaun
    @kijix84 I used to think that about links from the same domains having less power but I was thinking a few days ago about the people ranking websites with expired tumblr accounts. The majority of their links are from tumblr with a few from overblog and such.

    Got some tests in mind to see if it is just propaganda from big G as I have never actually tested it in all honesty.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @shaun - in my experience, there's a significant difference in how subdomains and subfolders are treated. I used to work for a company that was a massive link buyer, and they strongly believed in the type of devaluation @kijix84 mentions. They never showed proof, but I imagine it was from experience.
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    @shaun i think the difference with tumblrs is that you are using different sub domains. I think that is probably the differentiating factor in that case. i've done tests with expired tumblrs, and the juice from them isn't really that strong.i only tested with 12 high TF  tumblrs though, so i guess if you used like 100 it could be different. i haven't done tests with only high PA tumblrs yet either.

    i have done tests using links from the same domain on different sub pages. every time the very first links from the domain provide a boost. subsequent links provided no serp rise at all or little to no movement
  • shaunshaun

    Hmm interesting. I use the same SER verified list to boost SER pages though. Over and over again, seems to work even though its the same domain list.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @shaun - there's still value from the second (and third, and fourth, and...) link. It's just that if you have limited resources, like a link buying budget, you would do better buying two links from two domains instead of buying two links on the same domain.
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    @shaun you are sending the same verified links to the same domain multiple times? or the same verified list to multiple domains?

    maybe the domains end up mixed up within the tiers or something. i'm only talking about LINK -> MONEY SITE. 

    if you are using the same exact links from the same exact domains in the t1 projects for multiple URLs of the same domain to raise rankings and it still works, that is indeed interesting and totally different than my results
  • mazs91mazs91 Muscat
    @Tim89.. thank Tim.. this question might not be that important for people with huge verified list, as the links will get distributed with in the list. After excluding Joomla K2, I have 11 PR>2 contextual domains out of 2070 verified links. If I make one project per url with "Continuously try to post on failed site" ticked, I might get links from all these 11 domains linking to all my pages. I used to freak out seeing Referring Domains 10 times less than the backlinks. Even after considering the repeated link on category and other pages, for small sites like mine its so unnatural and at the same time soo common. But as you and @shaun mentioned, it will pass the algo for now, I would give it lesser weightage.

    @kijix84 I didnt think about the reduction in link value, another reason for not using one project per url for the T1 campaign.

    I do not have gsa proxy scraper, I am using Yandex TIC based PR. After reading your post, I researched proxy scraper and figured out it can get the tf without majestic subs.Wowwww!! But its 98$, does trust flow worth the cost considering I am just starting? I have manually compared Yandex based PR with PA/DA and it matches quite well.
  • i think you can get proxy scraper at a discount if i remember right
  • shaunshaun
    @kijix84  Basically I have the Money SIte at the top, then it gets a black from my contextual verified domains, and they get a black from the contextual verified domains as a T2 from the exact same pool. This happens on each project, if the money site has more than one page to rank then it gets multiple links from the same verified pool and then those T1s get hit by the exact same pool multiple times too.
  • @kijix84 @shaun

    what emails do you use to register your expired tumblrs that had the highest and longest stick rate? in my experience gmail isn't too good. got most of my registered ones via gmail deleted after a while. but they didn't have content and just sat there for a while so there's that
  • @kwangsgoal proper hosted emails ie. are best for expired tumblrs - I set up loads of Tumblrs from .info domains and work fine 4 years later. Gmail, Yahoo, free ones aren't recommended.
  • @judderman thank you! so basically just make a catchall for a domain im gonna be using?
  • @kwangsgoal not exactly - I'd have an email address per domain ie. for one target site, for your next target site. When I mean target site, I mean the one that you link to from Tumblr.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    Are you guys still actively using Tumblr? What kind of dip in performance did you see after the meta refresh change?
  • @redrays I'm not, haven't since 2012, but I did look back through them recently to see if any still had high trust backlinks (in case it wasn't sitewide when Tumblr changed to nofollow links) from the reblog trick. But they didn't. Wish I'd found that trick sooner, I ranked so many big keywords with pretty much just that trick and SEnuke. 
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