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web 2.0 buffer sites!

Hi Guys,

I have a question regarding web 2.0 buffer sites.

When creating them is there a way to use a proxy so as I can create say 20 manually without getting banned by Google.

if anyone can help, please explain the process as I`m sure there are many people like myself that would benefit from your knowledge.

Many thanks to all that have helped me out in the past.



  • Tim89Tim89
    If you want to manually create your web 2.0s then I wouldn't worry about using a proxy, you could if you wanted to by simply inserting a proxy into your browser settings or by using a VPN service but I wouldn't bother, your web 2.0 property will not be banned by google, it's moreso to do with the platform you're using to build your web 2.0 property on, for example,, they could delete (ban) your property but that's all..

    It's not like you will be creating 100000s of manually set up blogs are you? so therefore I wouldn't even consider using a proxy, just build them normally, if anything, you may even get your web 2.0s deleted by using a proxy because if the proxy is listed as a spam IP, they'll automatically delete it or if they detect that you are using a proxy, they will automatically delete the property.

    The point of creating Web 2.0s manually, is to make sure they look and feel like a real persons property, not for the IP that the property was built by the user so yeah, don't worry about it.
  • Many thanks for taking the time to help me out, much appreciated. was looking at expired Tumblr accounts, what is your opinion on scraping them to use as buffer sites to use with GSA SER?

  • Tim89Tim89
    Yeah, that would be good if you're doing things manually.
  • Cheers mate,

    Thanks for your help. Have a good one.



  • if your site is for long term than better go for manual web 2.0 ,, If your site is churn and burn than you can use GSA on tier 1
  • I think you should be able to create those web2.0s manually using VPN or proxies without issue, especially tumblr. But I don't think that SER can handle tumblr though, you'll need the additional plugin for that, but I don't think they support that (few years back they used to).

    So by going manually, just keep track of the proxy IP used to manage the tumblr account, and reuse the same IP during login.
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