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abhishekabhishek india
edited July 2016 in Need Help
Hello .
i am new to GSA . 

My GScraper is not creating any txt list .
when i press scrape,it shows the no. of the threads processed but no avg. time. 
It fails to create any url list at the designated folder. 
i have unchecked proxy list and have put the thread no. on 150 and timeout of 10sec.

Thanks for your help


  • What footprints do you have? Timeout?
  • Tim89Tim89
    You have unchecked proxy list? What proxy are you using if any? I don't work with gscraper but I'm sure you would need proxies to make it run efficiently, if you aren't using proxies then possibly your server ip is blacklisted?

    You'd probably be better finding a solution speaking to the gscraper team instead of the GSA indexer forum :blush:
  • Yeah you need to use either gscrapers proxies ( wouldnt reccomend) or someone like ProxyGo (good product but the guy is pretty fucking grumpy).
  • I have unchecked proxy list. 
    Could you just drop me some link to proxiess ? 

    Footprint :

  • @abhishek

    You have to purchase proxies. are you just trying to scrape for tumblr sites?
  • yeah man !
    any other alternative?
  • Maybe proxy scraper with GSA?
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    GScraper has not worked in well over a year. As far as ProxyGo go's, GScraper has blocked every port on his proxies so nothing is working at all.

    If you just purchased GScraper, i'm very sorry to hear that. Ask for a refund. But good luck ever getting a reply from him. He does not reply to support questions at all, but if you send them an email that you want to buy, they reply within a couple days.
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