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Just a question about link tiering

If for example I have 3 tiers and then one of my tier 1 links go down, does gsa ser edit the links assigned to the link that had gone down and reassigned it (change the link) to another tier 1 link that is up? This is of course, if the contextual is editable.


  • Tim89Tim89
    Good question and good suggestion, no I don't think SER edits out the link unfortunately but I could be wrong however I'm doubtful of that.

    There would be no easy and efficient way of keeping up with it I think, links die and go down on a daily basis especially SER type links, if a tier 1 link goes down, "shit happens" move on.

    That's why it's not advisable to build tier 1 links with SER and it is advisable to build your tier 1s from reliable sources such as PBNs or Web 2.0s but even Web 2.0s are chaos at times, they can be taken away at any time.
  • What's on my mind is that it should require the reverification turned on and then the editing would occur after the reverification process of tier 2.

    But yeah. I guess I don't just want to spam my website with Web 2.0 links over and over again justo to get new referring domains. I can't afford too much pbn links right now.
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