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What to do about Web 2.0?

edited February 2013 in Need Help
Ser is not building web2.0 links for me apart from the odd link from the same site. I think I may de select it but it's a shame - I would love to build links from web 2.0!!! Is there a plan to fix this problem? (I know there's a 3rd party paid service coming out soon from Jamese btw)

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  • ronron
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    Create a separate project, select all web 2.0's, use only a paid decaptcha service to solve captcha (or use CB with a paid service behind it), and try that. You'll get some results. Recaptcha is part of the problem, and changing login pages is the other part of the problem.


  • ronron
    edited February 2013

    Dup post sorry.

  • Thank you @ron for your advice. I have been using dbc as my secondary captcha service but I had CS set to 2 retries ( now using CB). I will try what you say. How many have you had working this way @ron?
  • ronron

    I had a bunch of platforms in the beginning but I weaned myself off paid captcha for the last several months using only CSX and now only CB.

    But I am getting ready to fire up a bunch of separate projects to test each platform including social bookmarks to get a better idea where everything is at these days.

    It's the kind of thing you only want to do on tier1 though because of the cost.

  • I will try it and see. Ideal world = no ongoing costs but as more platforms use recaptcha we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I am thinking is it worth it for web2.0? Can I get the results without? Probably yes! Free is always best :)
  • So... does that mean CB doesnt know how to read ReCaptcha?
  • edited February 2013
    No. No surprise though as I can't even read most of them!!

  • Out of 9 recaptchas only 1 was correctly solved by DBC! Shocking!
  • ronron
    That's pretty bad. Just too small of a sample size. Need something like a 1000 or more to judge accurately.
  • Even as a T1 for these and using a place like Imagetyperz  I went through 20 bucks in less than a day. :/
  • I dont like spending continous money for captcha solving stuff..
  • I dont like spending continous money for captcha solving stuff..
  • It seems that DeathByCaptcha (my 2nd service to CB) pretty much enter anything into the recaptchas as long as it loosely resembles the words shown. CB normally returns a solved message but sometimes SER returns a a wrong captcha (fail). Which is correct?

    Also, am I correct in my research that only 1 word need be typed correctly of the 2 displayed in the recaptcha?And does this 1 word have to be an exact match letter for letter? 

    I want to get it from the experts of GSA SER so I can decide my next plan of attack. Thanks
  • SvenSven
    @seagul, the hard to read text on recaptcha has be be filled correctly as that one is known to G. The other one is a scanned word that you translate for G. to become even bigger :/
  • ronron

    I have been experiementing and I recommend separating out test projects by platform (with just a few engines in that platform at one time), and put some tough limits on the number of submissions, like 5 or 10.

    You don't want to wreck the bank - you will get excellent rankings without resorting to paid captcha, so ease into it and test. You have time, just don't rush to judgement. 

  • Get another tool for web 2.0s. Don't understand the logic of wanting one tool to it all. I use multiple tools like Senuke, SEOLR, ZP, etc. to create tier 1s and after that its GSA all the way.

    Better still hire a VA... best investment for link building and highly recommended over any tool.
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