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LOW Threads count in latest update v11.02



  • shaunshaun
    @Ashish It wasnt SER, it was user error.

    Check whatI already posted and check over your settings. If there is nothing in there that fixes it post your screenshots as the guy above did.
  • @Shaun Thanks for answer

    I was having different prob. I have some inactive projects due to that Threads was too low they couldn't go above 70. 

    I have make my all projects Active and the prob is solved. @Sven
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited July 2016
    I've just de-duped one of my installs and its showing 23,000 article and 7,000 social network being the two primary platforms I use and scrape for, for knowing the do-follow or no-follow percentage, I couldn't say, I don't know, I work with quite a few of campaigns on a daily basis I just can't keep track.

    Some could be old targets that are no good and need weeding out which is most likely the case, I haven't done a link list clean in a good while, I should though.

    I used to manage my scraping but until recently I've handed it over to a VA for real cheap, to scrape/process and simply send me a batch of URLs to import into SER on a weekly basis, it's all using my own servers and proxies etc, the VA just over sees and does the exporting and PI processing for me, the tedious things to SEO, hence why it's rather cheap for me to do and one less thing I have to do.

    But as for my campaign numbers, I do, do reposts on the higher tiers (tier 2 and 3) so those tiers I set to reposting to around 10/25 ballpark figure, this varies depending on project so yeah some install numbers are inflated.
  • squidolsquidol USA
    edited July 2016
    @shaun so how did your test w/ captchatronix go? you said it was par with cb in solving. just want to ask because i just upgraded my captchatronix to 30 threads and im still thinking if it was a good investment or not. i also subscribed to 35k solves of textcaptchasolver and i get about 25-30k solves a day.
  • shaunshaun
    @squidol how are you tracking your text solves? Captcha Tronix send loads of false possitives, well over 50%. That why people think it's a good deal and works. I'm hoping Sven will implement a method soon where SER sends a message back to CB when the captcha was wrong to adjust the success percentage to stop the users of his tools being ripped off by thirds party services.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Lol everywhere I go I see this @shaun spitting venom about services and case studies and this and that.

    Seems like you got a lot of spare time on your hands mate, why don't you trot off and make yourself a cuppa or perhaps make some more websites and be productive instead of defaming many service providers who have been around for a long time who have and are still providing a good quality of service and customer support and many also provide decent help & support on this forum.

    If you're that passionate about trying to ruin 3rd party services, why don't you just put that time and effort into building a blog and curse all you want on it, seeing all of your slander around many threads is just not on and I'm getting rather sick of it to be honest, if you do have an issue with a service, you need to take it up with the provider and quit running your mouth on the SER forums, its not like Sven endorses 3rd party services, all of these 3rd party services are integrated with other popular SEO tools too.

    Sven builds and maintains a great tool, he receives no maintenance fees apart from the little commissions he possible gets from these "thirds party services" so do yourself a favour and re-evaluate what you're doing here.
  • shaunshaun
    edited July 2016
    @Tim89 did you have a chance to find those case studies you claimed to have read about your own service that are "readily available online" but seem invisible to Google searches yet? I still wouldn't mind reading them...

    I test loads of services across many aspects of SEO and I share my findings when and where I like to help people not get ripped off/scammed.

    Here are a few examples (there are definitely more) of me highly recommending your service back when it actually worked just to show this is not some hate campaign against you or your service.

    So instead of bitching why don't you get tweaking your service so it works again?

    Also, please don't waste our time replying without links to the case studies you claimed to have read as I will just take it that you had lied about them to try and squeeze out every last cent of your now dead service.

  • Tim89Tim89
    @shaun I was not talking for my service alone, you've been reporting "bad" performance on a number of services in more than 1 thread, it's rather repetitive and frankly annoying.

    Yes, there are case studies available on Google and yes I have a couple of them I could give you, I'm not sure why you can't find them, try looking more, I'm not spoon feeding people anymore.

    It's funny that you mention "please don't waste our time replying without links" as if you have have some sort of entourage waiting in anticipation, eagerly for case study links.

    I update my service quite regularly, I don't spam my sales thread every single week I push an update through unlike others, but I don't go crying about it in every post, There is a B/S/T section on the forum for a reason, there isn't this type of slander on the BHW forums about complaints for service providers in their forum is there? You know why that is? It's out of respect as I said, if you have issues with a service, by all means express yourself but damn, there is no need to repeat yourself in every single thread on this forum.

    As, you've been complaining about "index" rates all this week, I'm actually in the process of pushing out another update which solves any "index" rate problems for people like yourself, but it's just a shame I see so much negativity instead of support, Instead of talking to the service provider as I said in my previous post, you simply be a complete waste of space and rant about "this" and "that".

    Service providers, provide services which help people every single day, I opened up my service nearly 4 years ago for the primary benefit of lowering indexing service prices and sharing my method of indexing, if I didn't do this, people would have probably still paid around $300 a month for indexing plans, The reason for the prices you see today is because of my service bringing prices down, not up, I am not a scammer.

    As I said, I am bringing out another update possibly this week or next but it will come at a price, what will you say then? Oh the price is extortionate? blah blah blah? I'm done talking to you, carry on defaming people, good job mate.
  • shaunshaun
    @Tim89 so yea....pretty much as I expected, no links to the case studies. I'm just going to take that as confirmation you were lying about them.

    By "please don't waste our time replying without links" I mean your time and mine, although we are now a little further forward with you having admitted your service is having a problem (that was not openly reported in your sales thread, yet you still took money from customers) and needs and update to work again.

    Did you read the threads I linked? You are going on about negativity and wanting support....I was openly recommending your service back when it worked, getting you custom and supporting your business.

    My primary indexing method did not use any service at all in anyway. It was literally using blog comments and such with a few select things about them and was working very, very well until some time this month or the back end of last. I noticed it stopped working and decided to investigate and try other services and so far none are working particularly well....

    As I said in my other thread I believe it to be a Google patch to indexing just like the one this time last year, other people have also confirmed the same thing happening to them.....
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    Wow. I don't really know what else to say. Thank you @shaun for being honest about works and what doesn't. I think I speak for many, many people on here when I say that.
  • Tim89Tim89
    I did not say my service was or is ineffective at all, I said I was releasing an update to improve indexing rates further and yet again you needlessly attempt at defaming me and my service yet again, now you're even calling me a liar, I thought this was an SEO community and not a jerry springer show.

    Say what you will mate, it's going above my head from now on.
  • shaunshaun
    "As, you've been complaining about "index" rates all this week, I'm actually in the process of pushing out another update which solves any "index" rate problems for people like yourself"

    @tim89 I just said you had confirmed it was having a problem and needed an update and you did....just a shame I had to start reporting it on the forum for you to realise there was a problem with your own service as you also confirmed....

    I still maintain you are a liar, I will apologise if these links ever turn up. I gave you fair warning.....

    "I will just take it that you had lied about them to try and squeeze out every last cent of your now dead service."
  • well honestly i wasnt impressed with captchatronix either
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